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    In 1981 I inherited a box of what appears to be a complete set of a Pennsylvania RR N scale model train. Most pieces are brown in color. One steam locomotive and coal car is black. Every single piece is still in its original box; the train was never put together. There are different locomotives. Some of the labels say "powered". The manufacturers are different; the purchase labels indicate they were purchased separately from different sources (hobby shops, model rr supply places, etc.) Names on the boxes are Con-cor, Atlas, Bachmann, Ahm, and Minitrix (West Germany). There are locomotives, different types of passenger cars, mail cars, box cars, flat cars, etc etc and at least one caboose. Can someone tell me what I have? Does anyone know about Pennsylvania RR N scale models made in the 1970s that were brown in color? I have been storing this box faithfully for 24 years. I would like to know more about what I have; I do not know anything about model railroads. I have a 5 year old grandson, but I don't think these items were made for small children. They seem to be precision-made for adult model rr hobbyists.
    Thank you kindly for any information you might have.
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    Welcome aboard! :) :) There are probably a bunch of people in here that will be able to help you.. but...

    You will need to give us a bit more information.. Most likely - on the end of each box is a description - of the model inside... :) That's what we will need. If you can, start with the engines & list them here - just "name" "Type" and manufacturer... then list 2 -3 different cars...

    That "Brown color" is PRR Tuscan Red, I lived all my life within 1/2 mile of the Northeast Corridor in PA.. They ran from Washington DC to New York City.

    After we figure out what you have, you may actually be able to put a current value on them.. :)

    I was in N gauge in the early to mid '80's so I might be able to help you too :) (I'm in G now)

    .... and your "intuition" is very good, they are small trains - but not for small children, unless supervised... :) keep them in the boxes - until you know what "Dollar Amount" you actually have.. :) :) yes - they "could" be worth a bit of money to a collector...

    Best of luck and if you have any more questions - please ask!! :) We love a challange... and we like helping out fellow members even more..... :D :D
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    Pennsylvania RR-1970s - N scale engines

    There are 6 Pennsylvania RR N scale engines. Mint. Still in original boxes set in styrofoam. What do I have here?

    1. black engine with coal car (?) Minitrix, made in West Germany. 51-2970-00. In white letters on the cab of the engine are numbers: 5495.

    2. Tuscan red Con-Cor, Chicago, Illinois. Powered PA-1, 2003-Penn (pass). Feels heavier than the next engine. Price tag (1970s) says $24.98.

    3. Tuscan red Con-Cor. DUMMY PA-!. 2103-Penn. (Pass). Lighter weight than above. 1970s price tag says $7.98.

    4. Tuscan red ATLAS. No 2134 FM "C" P.R.R. dummy unit. Made in Italy. Plastic box; blue form holds engine.

    5. Tuscan red ATLAS. Powered No. 2124 FM "C" P.R.R. Made in Italy. Plastic box; blue form holds engine.

    6. Tuscan red ARNOLD RAPIDO. Elektro-Lokomotive GG1 - No. 0275M. Made in W.Germany by K.Arnold & Co., Nurnberg. Heavy. Double engine. In original box. Has instructions and parts list in English and in German.

    Have no idea when these were mfg. or when purchased, but it would have to be prior to 1981 as that is when I inherited them in the box. The train was never put together. These engines are brand new. Hope someone can help identify them and what their current value might be. Helen in Calif.
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    That's Great!!! Now all youhave to do, is wait for someone to stop in :) :) I'll ask a few friends, but check back tomorrow & every few days - someone will be able to help you - I'm sure....
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    Pennsylvania RR N scale - 1970s passenger cars etc

    I have gone thru the box of 1970s PA rr N scale items and sorted out the little boxes into what they are. Here is a list of 6 passenger cars and 3 U.S. Mail cars:

    1. Tuscan red. LIMA Micro Model No. 862. Made in Italy. On the side of the car in the middle is lettered 2760. Passenger car. Original cardboard box.

    2. Tuscan red. PMI. No. 8621 Coach. Made in Italy. On the side of the car in the middle is lettered 2760. Original plastic box.

    3. Tuscan red. No mfg. label. In a clear plastic box. Observation Car 3520 (old style).

    4. Tuscan red. ATLAS. No. 2654 Tail car 85'. Illuminated.

    5. and 6. (i.e. 2 of them) Tuscan Red ATLAS. No. 2651 Roomette 85'. Illuminated.

    U.S. Mail cars (3 of them):

    1. Tuscan red. AHM. Combine. No. 4471A. In original cardboard box. A typed label on the bottom of the box says: "Mail, baggage, coach Pennsylvania heavyweight 85' 6-wheel trucks."

    2. Tuscan red. PMI. No. 8626. Combine. Looks just like the mail car above, but is a different mfg.

    3. Tuscan red. ATLAS. No. 6535 Baggage express mail. 85'. Completely different mail car. Says BAGGAGE, EXPRESS on the side of the car. Illuminated.

    There are 14 other cars -- various types of box cars, a cattle car, a cov. gondola, a piggy back car, a Quad Hopper, a flat car, a 2-door box car, and then 2 different cabooses (No. 2271 and No. 2273). Then there's something by Con-Cor labeled DUMMY PB-1 unit 2043 Penn (Pass).

    In all, I think there are about 30 boxes (6 engines, 2 cabooses, and 22 other type cars in their original boxes. Of the 30, 27 seem to be brand new. Three box cars look faded and worn.

    Helen in Calif.

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