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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by jasco, Dec 17, 2006.

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    I'm currently building the Digital Navy's Arizona. Unfortunately, I own the old version. I've had it several years and I'm just now starting it. I want to turn it into the Pennsylvania, which survived Pearl Harbor and fought throughout the war, finally being turned into a target ship for nuclear testing which it also survived. I have a great photo of her in drydock in the S. Pacific but need some information regarding the mods made to her during the war. I know the after mast was cut down, but any links to good clear pictures or a description of what was done would be very helpful. All of the books I have located have centered on the Arizona with hardly a mention of the Pennsylvania. I have posted some pix of the partially framed up model in the "Main Album" because I don't understand what I'm doing yet!
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    I have top and side view drawings of the rebulit Pennsylvania, send me a private message with your e-mail and I'll scan and send them to you. Your going to need some 5" gun turrets.
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    Finescale Modeler ran a good two-part article last year on converting a 1/350 scale Arizona to the Pennsylvania. Back issues are availble from their website. I'd scan and send, but I missed part one:mad:, first time I ever missed an issue since the first one! (Can't afford to buy the back copy at the moment, either.) They also had an article some years back doing the same thing with a 1/700 version.

    Scott K.
  4. There was MAJOR rebuilding work on the amidships superstructure, removing all the casemented 5-inch guns and installing twin 5-inch turrets and 40-mm AA mounts. Boat cranes were replaced by small pole derricks, most boats except for the launches were replaced by liferafts (mounted on the main gun turrets), searchlight platforms stripped from the smokestack, aft tripod replaced by a small fire control tower structure and a pole mast, forward tripod slightly altered, radar updated, and the entire armored conning tower was pulled out to save weight for all these alterations. In addition, there were more improvements made to the torpedo blisters and all portholes on the hull were plated over smooth.

    (Forgot to mention in original post, but the aircraft catapult on #3 turret was also removed. Top of turrets #2 and #3 were used by 20-mm AA guns and liferaft storage.)

    By the way, the USS Pennsylvania was always different from her sister, USS Arizona. Since the Pennsylvania was designated as a flagship, her bridge structure was built up to accommodate the admiral and his staff.
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    Thank you all for the information. I was especially curious about the portholes and the 5" casemates on the upper deck. It's going to be quite enjoyable to make the conversion with so much help from fellow modellers. I am currently milling some wood (pre-paper) to plank the deck with (also dealing with the Santa Season) I hope to have some update photos soon. Off I go to the FineScale Modeller site!

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