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Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by curmudgeon, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. curmudgeon

    curmudgeon Member

    Hi all -

    I'd like to know what color Pennsy painted K-4 steam locos - were they black or Brunswick green?


  2. pennman

    pennman Member

    Most of them where black, then grimmyblack to rust....But ther where a few painted brunswick green towards the end, Not sure if it was something special or just a fluck or use of extra paint but there where one or more painted green with gold letters. I'll have to look through all my pennsy photos but i do believe I have a pic of one in green.
  3. curmudgeon

    curmudgeon Member

    Thanks, Tony - love to see a pic!:thumb:

  4. pennman

    pennman Member

    Hey Terry,
    I looked through some of the photos I have and didnt come across it yet, just be paitent. Cant remeber if it was the old engine on horseshoe or steamtown or where we saw it but I do believe I have a pic of it somewhere.
  5. curmudgeon

    curmudgeon Member

    No prob, Tony - what's time to an' ole hermit! :D
  6. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    First a steam engine was a hard working dirty machine even passenger locomotves..My suggestion is Black with a over spray of Weathered Black to your taste.
    There is several photos of K4s here.
  7. curmudgeon

    curmudgeon Member

    Thanks guys -

    That link had pix of black ones & the green one at Horseshoe Curve.

  8. pennman

    pennman Member

    Well, guess he beat me to it, well think there are more shots of them at the Strausburg museum site. If I remember right only the front section of the boiler was in brunswick green and I cant remeber the tender.
  9. curmudgeon

    curmudgeon Member

    ignore this
  10. curmudgeon

    curmudgeon Member

    Actually, I'm still unsure whether Pennsy ever painted any Brunswick green - 1561@ Horseshoe is much lighter than Brunswick & I'm thinking was painted non-standard just for display.

    I know the T-1's were all Brunswick in service, & even if K-4's were, they'd be just about indistinguishable from black in a b&w pic.

    I'd like to find a color pic if possible, unless there's definitive info one way or the other, so don't give up yet, Tony.:)

  11. Chessie6459

    Chessie6459 Gauge Oldtimer

    Terry here is a link to a bunch of pictures of the PRR K4.

    PRR K4
  12. curmudgeon

    curmudgeon Member

    I found a forum post on a PRR site stating that 10 K-4's were painted Tuscan in the 1930's.
    Anyone know the numbers?

  13. curmudgeon

    curmudgeon Member

    Thanks Matthew -

    Great Pennsy-fan site.
    But a run-thru for post-1950 (therefore hopefully color) pix didn't show any.

  14. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    Terry,The PRR had some streamline K4s but,not sure if they was painted maroon.
  15. curmudgeon

    curmudgeon Member

    So far, the color pix (actually period adv. postcards) I find of streamlined K-4's seem to be Brunswick, but my interest is nonstreamlined.

    I have a Bach. Spectrum post-war K-4, & in addition to incorrect detail, the black/silver/red colors seem to have never been used, so I'd prefer to repaint Tuscan or Brunswick if accurate, tho' I may have to go w/black as you suggested earlier.

  16. curmudgeon

    curmudgeon Member

    Well now!

    According to an article on PRR eqpt. painting in the online magazine (Issue 30) of
    ALL locos (as of 1929) were EITHER Black or "Dark Green"!
    Appparently it didn't matter which.
    Shades of red cabroof & tender deck, along w/graphite smokebox were standard also.
    It's noted that 3rd-coat cabroofs were so dark as to appear almost black from the ground.
    Also that color mixes varied from shop to shop (perhaps almost certainly over time).

    I'm thinking now that many of the b&w pix are actually of "dark green" engines that just appear black.

  17. curmudgeon

    curmudgeon Member

    New info from a Pennsy fan:
    "The basic color for all standard PRR Steam Locomotives was DGLE (Dark
    Green Locomotive Enamel) aka: Brunswick Green by railfans. DGLE was so
    dark it appeared black. Black was applied to certain items (mostly
    appliances like air tanks, pumps, bell frame, railings generator etc) on
    the locomotives. In the early 1930's there were 10 locomotives directed
    to be repainted Tuscan Red for service on premier trains in the east.
    Only known numbers are 2761, 5409 and 5436. Of course no color
    photographs exist of these locomotives. Neither do the orders of the
    painting instructions so any guess of what was painted what color is
    only that, a GUESS. All were repainted back to DGLE possibly several
    years later."

    So that suits me 'til I find out he was wrong! :)


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