Peco HO scale turnouts

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    I'm having 2nd thoughts about having all manually thrown turnouts on my new layout, unfortunatlly all the track has been installed including all the turnouts. my questions are 1. how difficult is it to remove the springs from already installed Peco turnouts {so i can use Tortoise switch machines]. 2. Has anyone cut the opening for a Peco switch machine after the turnout has been installed? My track is mounted on cork roadbed over 1/2" homasote over 1/2" plywood. and 3. If I leave the Peco springs in can I still use a Tortoise machine with heavier gauge wire. Sorry for the long question, but I could really use some advice. Thank you.
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    Peco HO Turnouts

    All the newer models of PECO turnouts have a top side adjustable slide where the spring unit is attached that allows for stiff, moderate, and NO tension. The older ones can be adjusted as well on - off. Really old ones are not adjustable and you tear them up to get the spring removed.

    Check yours out carefull and see if you can slide the keeeper plate and adjust them off.

    Using the Tortise can be done anyway on the older turnouts - you will have to replace the spring wire on the switch machine with one that's a good bit stiffer - either a 0.032" or 0.047" spring steel wire from the K&S stand at the hobby shop. Youll need top enlarge the hole where it fits into the moving block and the pivot point adjustable bar on the tortise - but once done you'll have enough 'power' to make the throws reliably.

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