PDF w/Layers - Alternative to Adobe??

Discussion in 'Software' started by thx_1138a, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. thx_1138a

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    Does anyone know of a PDF creator that will do layers OTHER than Adobe??

    Layers can be turned on and off in most readers. This allows variations or added details to be displayed for each page. Like displaying a topo map with a grid and/or rivers and/or roads and/or a legend (or none of the above).

    I'm using Inkscape (FREE !!!) which does SVG files in layers, and will create PDF's as an output format, Unfortunately, it (currently) compresses all the layers together when it creates the PDF. I think someone on the Inkscape team is addressing this but it could be a while.
  2. zathros

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  3. Rogerio Silva

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    Have you tried Scribus? I like it, and it's free...
  4. thx_1138a

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    Rogerio - I checked out Scribus. It is a great program, but it (like most) "flattens" any PDF data into a single layer.

    Zathros - Great info, the links had a lot of good utilities (I picked up several). I couldn't tell whether 'Codswallup' was a user name, company name or what, but I bookmarked the page just because of the name.

    I went ahead and got an older (cheaper) copy of Acrobat Pro. It was taking too long to read through everybody's documention. Apparently, the layered PDF thing hasn't really caught on enough that it's an included feature in most of the non-Acrobat PDF makers. The only two that I did find - well let's just say their creators are as "proud" of their software as Adobe is.

    The layered PDF output IS on the proposed feature list for Inkscape.


    ps:If the innuendo is too subtle "proud" = $$:eek:$$.
  5. thx_1138a

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    I knew I had something I could share that used layers: http://www.fatdragongames.com/EZTDungeon1FREE.pdf

    The layers button is on the left between the paper-clip and the binoculars.

    Fat Dragon Games uses layers in most of their pay PDF's - this one is one of the only freebies that uses layers.

  6. clif52

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    I'm not sure about Inkscape. I know it has layers like Adobe illustrator, but not sure if it opens, saves, or exports PDF. Inkscape is also a free program.
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    Truncated your quote a bit, with a name like "Codswallup", I probably would have bookmarked it too. Hope to see more of you around here and maybe show us how some of these options work with tutorials.

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