PC cases based on cardmodels (from the U-boat thread)

Discussion in 'Extended Mediums' started by diamondback, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. diamondback

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    After rickstef's thoughtful suggestion (thanks, Rick), I figured it'd be a good idea to move discussion about cardmodel-inspired PC-cases to a new thread over here.

    For extreme case-mods, the back page of every month's issue of Maximum PC is about an extreme case-modder's project, one issue had a guy turn a large R/C truck into a case, another was a scratchbuilt Hummer PC.

    Just thought I'd open the discussion in a more appropriate medium. All you guys who are interested, fire away...
  2. 57townsman

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    Cool subject! Are you thinking of using a paper model as the case or build one from plastic / metal sheet for strength? I think the Battlestar Galactica model found here in another thread would make a pretty cool case, maybe not literally though :) Although, you could have the fans blow through the engine ducts like the studio model :grin:

  3. diamondback

    diamondback Member

    Well, I was thinking to use the cardmodel as a "design template," with wood, plastic or metal for the actual case based on structural stresses and environmental needs.

    For a U-boat PC, it'd definitely have to be welded-metal on the boat itself, to keep it watertight (the boat would only house drives and hubs, the MOBO and all fixed components would be in a "sub pen" base built as an open-air waterblock).

    For Siege Tank PC, I'm thinking a metal chassis with plastic superstructure.

    MiG-PC would be metal in the PC-bay (wing roots and engine area), but the outer wings and nose (designed for detachment to facilitate transport) would be plastic or wood.
  4. paulhbell

    paulhbell Guest

    I have got a old'ish msi mega pc lying around someware, with P4 2.0gig processor, 40 gig hard drive, agp video card and dvd drive. It's smaller than a shuttle pc case , so this would be ideal for a card model project. The heaviest item is the dvd drive, so I could try and pick up a laptop dvd drive, they are cheap enough on ebay. The power pack on the mega pc is small and light also. The only big problem that I may have is the high temp that the mega pc runs at, with it being a small case it gets very warm.

    The next 'problem' would be to find a card case to put it in. I was thinking of using a design like 'thewebdudes' fillmore VW campervan from his cars film collection. It has got plenty of cooling vents at the back for the power supply. It would need resizing though.

    I have the PC kit and plenty of ideas of what to put it in. It's just time I am short of at the moment. I am hoping to go back to work in april/may after being off work for 2.5 years, due to being ill. And I'm working on 4 card models at the moment.

    I think I will have a go at doing this and I will show the build progress when I get to it. Although the box design may change.

    This thread has given me some good ideas though. What about using a old xbox or ps2. The xbox is heavy and would need thick card.
  5. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Cool idea, I never even thought about Webdude's cars...............

    Also that Boss Mustang that was just build would make a neat case scaled up. You could use sheet plastic for the skinning...................hmmmmmmm

    I just might have to check that out.


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