PB2Y Coronado Flyingboat

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    Here is another of my flyingboat collections this also is made from blue foam board all hand carved. Thisd aircraft like the Mars boat was used as personal transport or used as anti submarine patrol boats Bopth boats were used out of the war zone they were to slow and dumb and had a little or no armament to defend themselves foe aircraft. Only one such example is left in the intire world. It use to belong to the late great Howard Hughes I Remeber seeing it all the time at north field Long Beach California durring the 1960,s and 70,s After the Death of Mr. Hughes the aircraft was returned to the consolidated company restored to its original condition as a sentimentle piece for the crews who last flew in them. The model was built to 1/48 scale weingfspan of 40 inch,s the foam was hand carved and covered with epoxie resin sanded dowm primed and painted like that of the Mars boats.


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    Except for his mental illness, i always envied Howard Hughes. What a wonderful aircraft! :)
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    Ahoy Zathros
    Thanks very much for the replies I love to show my lifes work. Howard was the buisness mans buisness man, with all that dough he had he wasn,t a happy man. It is sad to see a ,man with his brilliance and wealth turn into mental resolve.


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