Payen Pa-22 "Arrow"

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    Hello all,
    After a crash enforced absence we have returned and are happy to announce the release of another 1:48-scale model from Roman Vasyliev. The Payen Pa-22 "Arrow". designed in the '30's with intentions to be powered by a ram-jet engine, this craft was never fully appreciated. First flight was in 1942 with the craft being shipped back to the warehouse wher is was destroyed by an allied attach some three years later. Apparently there was little enthusiasum for this interesting and unusual craft.
    Available for delivery later this afternoon at,

    The Civil version in blue livery will be released in about a week if all goes accordingly.

    Thank you
  2. Ron

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    Glad to see you back DeWayne :) The Pa-22 looks extremely interesting!

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    If you (like me) find bizarre and unusual aircraft interesting you may be interested in a couple of links about Payen's aircraft. Roland Rayen was French and a genius in aircraft design - he designed his first aircraft in 1928 while he was still at school. The Pa.22 was captured by the Germans in 1940 and test flown in 1942. Arguably Payen was the first designer to use delta wings with his "flechair" design. M. Payen died quite recently at the end of 2004. (in French - time for Babelfish) (survey of Payen's aircraft)
    [One I overlooked on the Pa.22 under German test - 23/3]


  4. DeWayne

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    Some very good information on this craft. Also not aware the designer had just recently passed. I took it for granted him, along with so many of the other interesting aircraft designers, had already passed some time ago. WWII does seem so very long ago yet in our history it was just yesterday. Thanks for the update.

    Coming next week if all goes well... the civil version!
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    Welcome back Dewayne!

    I'm glad you overcame your PC problems!

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