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    Hi All

    In this case it is not the space related craft, but instead the Sword, Back in 2009 around the same time I was just starting out with paper modeling I was busy working on this sword on the same lines as Excalibur but my version, it is based on the long swords of the middle ages and in this case the sword from tip to tip is about 2 meters long, and swords like this where made for war.

    There was quite lot of renders that I did but this is a few of my favourites.

    The sword was designed in AutoCAD, and the rest of the render work and lighting and so on was done in 3DS Max 9.

    For those who do not know to much about about deep of field the first two photos will explain it.

    no DOF


    with DOF


    and the rest of the Pathfinder. :thumb::twisted:







    I did do an exersie to see what it would take back in the day to make it out of card but it quicklyt died, but looking at it today it might happen but many years in the future.


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    That is really awesome!! Exactly what I was hoping people would put in this section. :)
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    I have been meaning to write something like this on my website and you have given me an idea. Your post will be rather good.

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