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    It's that time of the year when my wife starts to ask me what I would like for Xmas, and this year I suspect a passenger loco/train might be a nice addition to my layout. So I wonder if any of you guys could please advise me accordingly.

    I'm building a layout thats modelling the pacifica north west. The only loco that I've got at the moment is a BNSF engine, and I guess it would good to add a passenger train that's appropraite for that "line/region". I'll show my ignorance and say that I haven't got a clue what to buy, apart from Amtrak for example.

    Could someone please advise me which locos and cars I should be looking at re that region and assuming the present day. I'd be grateful for any suggestions and ideas.

    Thanks -- David.
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    Great Northern or Burlington Northern?

    One of many possible options is "Great Northern" when they ran from Vancouver/Winnipeg, Portland-Seattle to Chicago. Some notable passenger trains listed in "Classic American Railroads" by Mike Schafer (ISBN 0-7603-0239-1) include:

    Cascadian (Seattle-Spokane, Wash)
    Empire Builder (Chicago-Seattle/Portland)
    Oriental Limited (Chicago-Seattle/Portland)
    Western Star (Chicago-Seattle/Portland)
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    David: You've got a pretty big "region" to work with: most of the US west of Chicago.
    Most of the passenger trains will be Amtrak. Probably double-decker Superliners and those pointy-nosed diesels. But the are also commuter trains -- an F59 and set of Athean's Bombardier cars. Also Chicago commuters. (December Model Railroader has 6 pages on this.)

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