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    Wash Rack Pictures

    I need a little help. Just scanned the latest Walthers cat., and saw the passenger car wash rack item. I would rather build one myself ( space constraints - and it would be more fun than kit assembly) but I can not find any picures of a working passenger car washing set-up in any of my books. Could anyone guide me to any site on the web that might show that equipment? Any tips or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, Dave ( I did post his on HO, but it was suggested that this is a better spot)
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    The pictures are great, just what I needed. It may be a bit of a challenge to get good looking brushes in HO! Thanks again, Dave
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    avid the brushes are easily done, with cotton thread and rwisted wire. In exactly the same ways some trees are modelled, instead of trimming to an angle just trim straight to whatever diameter you want.
    Mine is in N-scale, & based on one used locally on Elec passencer cars, the roof is not washed and the panto is folded down. the carriages are shunted with modified Fork trucks.
    A couple of pic's of mine, to be part of Repair & Graffiti removal w/shop.

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