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    One of the things I like about passenger cars is the intricate detailing that comes with it inside and out. One day I started to fiddle around with random wires and other stuff I had laying around the workbench and added some end details to an HO scale Bachmann observation car:


    Simply consisting of air, signal and steam lines plus the uncoupling lever. Here's a more detailed view:


    The air and signal hoses are simply wire with flattened tips and painted grimy black. The steam line is also a piece of the same wire wrapped in masking tape with thinner wire coiled around the corners (also painted, of course). That same thin wire was used for the lever. I would tell you the wire gauge, but I have no idea what it is, he he.

    I still have to figure out how to make marker lights and an apporiate drumhead (all working, that is), without having to visit the hobby shop (the closest one is a 4 hour drive away...)
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    Nice work Charles!
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    Sweet, Charles. :thumb:

    You could turn your marker lights from clear styrene rod (the sprues from model car headlights are a good source) then drill them to receive a small Model Power #146 light bulb. See "My Trolley Project" for how I did the headlights. Use the same bulb in a drumhead made from plexiglass or clear styrene layered to proper thickness. Paint them with several coats of silver paint where you want to block unwanted light, allowing time to really dry between coats, then paint them to your desired color. Drumheads can be found on the Net at various Railroad Historical Society sites.
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    Thanks for the input!
  5. Ralph

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    Very nicely done!
  6. ezdays

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    That would have made one heck of a shot for this month's photo contest:thumb::thumb:... is it real or a model? Only the submitter (and me) knows. sign1

    Find something to submit Charles, with shots like these, I know you have what it takes.:thumb: :thumb:
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    Charles: looks good.
    The one improvement I would make is to file off that ridge of flash on the coupler.
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    Thanks for your comments fellas.

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