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  1. Inventor

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    Hello wonderful modellers..!

    I am new to the hobby and have been reading and reading and reading..

    I have a question about fitting parts.. No matter how carefully I cut some parts they never fit quite right. If I try to sand the edges a little the whole thing seems to swell and not sand nicely. I have tried sealing the edges with glue to stiffen them but as soon as I sand a little the edges start swelling again. Is there something I can do to get the edges stiff enough to file without making the ink on the outside wash of?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I appear to be a perfectionist and want everything to fit perfectly..
  2. Darwin

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    Use thin formula superglue for preparing the part for sanding. I have good luck with the type that is packaged with a brush applicator...I've had good luck with both Crazy Glue and Loctite. I'm assuming you are meaning the cardboard laminated parts. If the part is just cardstock, trimming off slivers with a craft knife works best for me. It takes longer, but I've gotten best results using the "take it slow with several iterations" rather than trying to get it done with just one big trimming.

    NULLMOON Member

    use wet/dry paper or a manicure tool they are so fine they can be used on parts without damage
  4. Inventor

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    Thank you thank you ,,,,, I have tried both methods... It seems there is way more to this hobby than I first imagined....

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