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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by rcline, Feb 16, 2005.

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    The several photos below are taken of a systems intigration unit that I use to control giant blow molding machines. I am now completely rewireing my track for both block (to use this system with) and DCC. This system has a hand held programming unit that you can program and then plug (snap) into the face of the unit. Because this system has 110 volt input and output, I will use this system to turn off and on several low voltage transformers feeding the track. Each control card plugs into the housing unit and has 8 switching contacts. So I'm using 3 input cards and 3 output cards for a total of 24 inputs and 24 outputs. Although with this system, I will have several throttle controls on the main track and side track will be controled with even lower voltage transformers set at a fixed rate. When I want to run DCC control, all I have to do is turn all controls to off power voltage and then use DCC controler and engines. All track switching will be controled by both, the Direct Logic system and the DCC system. Diodes will be used at all track switches and transformers to prevent feed back from one system to another.
    Talk about being different! :thumb: I have only one hang up,
    the more lights, knobs, buttons and switches,
    "The more I like it"

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    Hi Randy,

    Just in case you are not aware (which you probably are)
    you can get 16 point DC I/O modules for less than $100

    And probably on e-bay as well :) :)
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    thanks cidchase, I am aware, but all my stuff is left over equipment from various contracts that I do, so all mine is FREE to me!! I was suppose to go the island of Malta last Nov. but it has been delayed until this May ( I hope), I will be bringing back a ton of equipment from there when we ( my brother and I) are done. When we get over there
    I promise to send pictures of every thing (job wise) and of the girls- oops, I mean the island. my brother went over about a month ago to get every thing finalized. It looks like we go this May- Great scuba diving weather at that time!!!!!!!

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