Part 2 of "So you want to build a model railroad"

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by boomboom, Jul 23, 2005.

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    :wave: Welcome back;to the never ending saga of the novice model railroader.
    OK lets see were we at today? Its the weekend finaly,Last week I built the foundation of my creation,orderd the catalog,talked to fine people of the gauge,started my subscription to model railroad magazine.Now lets see whats on the agenda for this weeks build.I have taken the time over the past several days to think of what I want to do.And I have come up with an inner city point to point operation.This I think will give me the experience of laying track,building streets,lighting,and landscaping.So now the problem at hand is what do I want?plastic,hydrocal,laser? Laser? what in the world is laser. After much needed research for me laser is not the way to go just yet,I have to build my patience level up a few notchs,better stick to plastic for the first couple of builds,or till I become more comfortable with what I am doing.Ok pen is in hand so lets get to the first order from Walthers.I am budgeted at 100.00 per week to start.So I will try to get the most bang for my buck.I guess we will start on main street first.The gemini building looks good,so does merchant rows 1 and 2 look very inviting,then so be it,theres my first order from walthers,and saved a little on the side so when I order the next time I have a little extra cash to play with.

    Ok I have orderd the kits,but what do they look like when I get them?do I need to paint them?probably so.,so the next thing to do is go to the hobby shop and get the paints that I think I will need and glue of course,but what kind of paint and glue.As luck would have it the shop that I will be dealing with is solely for the model railroader,he's got the ansures for sure,I hope....

    At least one thing is for certain,if I get stuck on choosing the paint scheme I can refer to the CFO of the rail operation,my wife,thats right I said my wife.She is an artist so if I have a problem I can go wright to her for some quick tips.That said,I guess I can go on line and look at links of other model railroaders,HOLY CRAP;went on line looked at these other builders and said to myself :there's no fricken way I can do that,Am I out of my mind.
    Not to despair,the wife came into the room and took one look at my face and said,what are you worried about?its a hobby correct?Yes I said,and then she gave me the confidence talking to of a lifetime.That said I settled down again,but still in the back of my head it stood to reason,what am I doing,
    I will never be that good.But the little railroad angel sitting on the right schoulder kept saying to me give it time and you will be just as good if not better as the other guys,and when you post your pictures they too will sit there with there mouths open....But thats about 10 years down the road,never the less I must keep in the back of my head this is a hobby,something to relax to,not a compatiton.Thats all for this weeks installment,next week my first kits arrive.Till then take care.
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    Drop your wording size down a notch or two. Too big.

    Break it up with a few paragraphs. It's hard to read.

    Now that the forum etiquette lesson is over. It's great to see you are moving along.

    Don't worry about becoming a master modeler in a week. That takes years, however, you do have an excellent resource for tips right here. No-one here started out as super modeler. Like your wife said, it's a hobby, have fun (glad to see she's supportive, don't mess that up). Learn as you go. Your knowledge and tips bag will grow exponentially. I've been in the hobby for 35 yrs and still don't know everything (hope I never reach that point because then it won't be fun anymore):D

    I'm glad to see that there are more and more people like you that are interested in the hobby. Keep up the good work.

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    Looking forward to the next installment.Its good that you can put into words, the thought process the we all have gone through, and some(like me)are still going through, and I have been running trains for 15yrs, and modeling them for about 10.And one day I might just get it wright... have a good one..steve

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