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Discussion in 'Free Models' started by Zathros, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Zathros

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    Sometimes, models sites, like Paragon Cardmodels, which has been a staple, and one of the rocks of this hobby, becomes one of those places I think get taken for granted. I also think that a lot of newer people to this hobby, don't know of websites like this. It seems that these days everyone making a model wants to get their $6 or $10 or even more, out of their models, and it doesn't benefit some to advertise FREE MODELS, especially a website like Paragon's, which has enough models to keep anyone really busy for a long time. So I would encourage people to visit Paragon's site, you may see models there that you have not seen elsewhere, some that people are making a big deal about designing, and he has had it for years, it's worth the time. The Canberra is a beauty, and he has a lot of liveries of that model Make sure you check both links, in the event of one not working. A small sample below:




  2. bf109

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    its 1 of my favo's , he's nice guy .

    although his models are for free , his inkt and paper is not :) .
    being at school he didnt have money to by inkt and paper for awhile (did a lot af designing back then so it ran out quick) he had to stop work on 1 of the vulcan ships liking his models i decided to help him out and donated money as a thank you i could choose the next model to be made.
    ( it was the T'Plana Hath i wanted to be designed first :))

    what i mean by this is : if somebody makes free models and you like them it doenst hurt to donate something to help out in the costs ,cause every design must be tested .
    pls remember that and have respect to all those designers out there !!!
  3. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I agree, and I think that was excellent on both your parts. I remember a couple of models he was/is working on for sale I believe an Osprey? The N-9M he has also looks great.

    I feel his contribution to this hobby is far reaching. I see his name on many forums in many languages. I wonder if he knows he entrenched and the iconic symbol his website is in the paper modeling world. I don't know him personally, I have posted in threads of his and he is always kind. I see people posting they can't downloads models off of his site, and they don't bother checking both links? Their loss.

    This is a designer that deserves respect. He's got it here. I certainly do respect him. :)
  4. THE DC

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    Paragon made some of the finest Trek models out there too.

    He Grocks!

    The DC
  5. Wad_Cutter

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    Maybe it's just me but I couldn't D/L the B-57G Night Intruder Canberra Card Model. It was the same one shown from Viet Nam. I wanted it for a buddy of mine who server over there on the flight line. I even tried the other sites and went to some other page. Is there a trick to this because I have D/Led other planes from them. It's a great site filled with very nice aircraft. wc
    Problem found: If you place your cursor on the name of the D/L(aircraft I.D.) you will go to the page to download it. But if you place your cursor on the word “Mirror” you will go another page or at least I did.
  6. Zathros

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    Wad_cutter, if you were able to get the model, delete the first part of your post, and make a Thank You post. Paragon offers multiple ways of getting his models. :)
  7. Wad_Cutter

    Wad_Cutter Member

  8. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Why? I just didn't know if you got the model or not? I still don't know if you got the model or not. We're to help, let us. :)

    UPDATE: I able to Download it using the "Mirror" link. :thumb:
  9. blueyeppoon

    blueyeppoon Member

    Hi there I am an avid fan of paragon I have been horrified the last couple of days because AVG has blocked the site due o threats! This can't be right can it? For some one so valued it not good to play nasty tricks like this. Con somebody in the know find out what's happened. When I feel down I always take a wander over to Paragon. I'm sure there can be nothing wrong with the site but why would someone try this slur on such a giving and friendly papermodeller?
    King Regards to all (especally Paragon)
  10. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    AVG, I stopped using that 10 years ago. Get Norton 360. There is nothing wrong with Paragon's website. I just went there and came back.:thumb: No problems, NONE! :)
  11. dummi for

    dummi for New Member

    Paragon site is also one of my favorite site, with some models he share several livery free !! What a kind designer !!
  12. Wad_Cutter

    Wad_Cutter Member

    Broken link

    [FONT=&quot]Is any one aware that in the Catalina section that the link for the Always Catalina.pdf (from the movie "Always"), doesn’t work. I was hoping to build that one once I got the time and knew a little more about modeling. Does any one know anything? wc[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
  13. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    The other three links work. Maybe it was pulled. These are FREE models. Grab them while you can. Things have a way of disappearing. :)

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