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  1. treadhead1952

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    Hi All,

    I was trolling about some of my favorite paper and card model sites, yes, I know, hard to believe that we find it necessary to stray from Zealot, but we do on occassion. ;)

    At any rate, I was over at Paper Replika and found this interesting little figure from Paper Tom (Stephane Thomasset) a Fench Paper Artist. I can't tell you why but it sort of caught my eye and made me want to build it. Admittedly my first glue smeared attempt can be improved upon and I probably will redo it.


    The simple lines and few numbers of parts begs for it to be modified as far as poses are concerned. It consists of two pages, a front cover with the basic pose and a second sheet with all the parts.


    It is a free download once you register, also free and there are a ton of other freebies if that is your interest.

    And here is a link to Paper Tom's website:

    So you can check out some of the other stuff that he has come up with.
  2. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    PaperTom is a new one for me, great site. I did not know where that particular model came from. It is great! I visit Paper-Replika a lot. that place has enough models for a life time, between Paper Mau, Paper-replika, and UHU, I could probably build everything I am interested in. :)
  3. That's a very nice model indeed. I built it last year, and is not so simple. It requires a bit of patience. But the end result is wonderful. It is a very well designed kit.
    PaperTom's models are delightful to see. they have a unique and charming style. Wish he'd release more things :)
  4. treadhead1952

    treadhead1952 Member

    Hi Guys,

    I have to agree with Rueben, while the little figure is basically a series of boxes folded up with the exception of the body, it is deceptively complicated with the number of folds and keeping everything lined up to come out square and even. I did cut out all the parts and do all the trimming first then pre-folded each part until I had them all creased sharply prior to breaking out the glue.

    I was thinking about putting a rod through the shoulders to attach the arms to so that they could be moved but as this was the first run through I decided to just go ahead and see how everything fit as intended.

    Go check out the sites and see what they have to tinker with, you might surprise yourselves.:mrgreen:
  5. Zathros

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    To be honest, I don't necessarily build a model with folds just because they are there. The amount of accrued intolerance really means one should reduce the folds to a minimum. Even in the making of a box. It depends on the individual modelers but sometimes less is more and more is less. Too many folds will increase the error because the thickness of the paper multiplies. I have never seen a model that accurately compensates for it, when there are multitudes of folds. I have seen many models that suffer for this, especially Pepakura models. These same models, cut in the appropriate place, would yield much better results, appropriate determined by the model and it's construction.

    All of this of course depends on the individual modelers ability, but the problem is self evident when you have to spend massive time with scoring and compensating for this. Just my opinion.

    I built the "Star Trek, Galileo Shuttlecraft" ( a .pdf model, so the problem is not only with .pdo models), and the problems that model had because of the way the parts were connected yielded a very crooked model. I built it a second time, and it came out so nice, I handed it to my son, then 5, for stress testing, which it survived rather well, even being slightly crooked! The second model survived for 3 years, but my son, now 8, was much stronger, and no Federation craft could ever be expected to withstand the shear and compression forces of an 8 year old child! :)

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