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    what a crazy year... i hoped to release one model a week, then i hoped it would average one release a week due to distractions from a real job! they said it could not be done but they were wrong....though i didn't achieve this goal i do believe it is possible. the final count is 50 models representing 28 individual and original designs. i have gotten some great feed back and look forward to churning out quality stuff for paper model fans to enjoy. unfortunately prices will soon be increased to offset increased operating fees and narrow the margin of loss. i'm not making any profit yet but i do not expect to for a couple years. the first year's volume of models is available on cd at a savings to you. the whole first year's collection for $50.00 usd. you can order this cd through the site;
    on the 14th (tomorrow). this includes postage and handling. this represents a saving of $52.00 at the old prices and even more at the new prices. (the standard models will increase from $2.00 to $2.50)
    here is the list of 1/72 scale models offered from year one:
    pzkw III in two versions building A (house)
    pzkw IV series in six versions building B (barn)
    pzkw VI tiger I in two versions building C (aircraft revetment)
    pzkw 38t series in two versions Ta 152 in two versions
    sdkfz 251 and kubelwagen Fi 156 in two versions
    DUKW Hs 126 in three versions
    LVTA1 in two versions P 51 C in five versions
    GP and howitzer Lysander III
    T 34/85 in two versions Lavochkin La7 in four versions
    M113A2 in two versions AS.51 Horsa glider in two versions
    M1064A2 in two versions
    M1A1 abrams in two versions
    light lorry in two versions
    while these models are great for wargamers due to the scale they are fun to build just for the heck of it. enjoy and thanks for everything so far.
  2. RichBohlman

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    I wanted to try one of your free downloads but I can't get my printer set to print the total directions and model. My printer leaves out about half of the top hull and track sections as well as a part of the bottem track section of the model. Can you please drop me an e-mail or post some help as to what I may be doing wrong?

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    Are you printing directly from the webbrowser?

    if so, save the picture to your computer, and then use a graphics package, Paint, Photo Editor, Gimp, Photoshop or something similar to print the image to the sheet size

    mostly that will help

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    rick is correct, i recommend mspaint if you have ME or XP on your computer. left click the displayed free model and save to a picture file. always adjust your margins to zero (they will reset themselves to proper minimum) and then preview before you print. this is the best method to maintain the intended scale. let us know and thanks for your interest. c.b.
  5. RichBohlman

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    Thanks Much for the help! I used MSPublisher98 and copied and pasted into a blank sheet with no margins. It then printed great! Looking forward to building this nice looking tank :!:

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