PaperMike's "Smurfette" by DanBKing

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    I did not take any photos of the build of this model, but I thought you might like to see the end result.....

    I printed the template using a printer that I had not used before, and it turned out that the ink/print quality was terrible. It did not matter how careful I was, the print cracked on every single fold... :headbange:
    So, I decided to paint it by hand using water colours....

    This model is a gift for a lady friend of mine.....;)

    And here are the "beauty shots" ......:)

    General_346.JPG General_347.JPG General_348.JPG General_349.JPG General_350.JPG General_353.JPG General_354.JPG General_355.JPG General_357.JPG General_358.JPG
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    Great work, buddy!

    Thank goodness Azrael did spare Smurfette! ;)
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    I loathe Smurfs, but this is really cute! Fiberglass the outside, repaint it, and put a lamp in it's hand. It would make a great lawn jockey. :)
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