"PaperLaul's Terminator 2: Hunter Killer Aerial - by DanBKing"

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by DanBKing, Aug 21, 2015.

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    Oh, I missed something...

    According to the width the model is 1/17 and according to the length it is 1/19. If you compare these numbers and determine a constant factor you should go with the middle value which is (17+19)/2 = 18. That makes the model an average scale of ...

    1:18 .


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    Oh, this thread just got interesting!!!!!:animated:
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    The figure has to be printed at 6/18 = 33.333 % then. :)
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    As I recall, UHU has a T-800 in 1:18 hidden among the seven skeleton warriors.
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    Ha. Time will tell!!!
    The future is not exactly what it used to be....
    I hear a tick and a tock , but you can't chime in like that...!
    It is a bit second hand what you say.....
    But, you might be just winding me up.
    Can you not just put a face to the dial and not swing like a pendulum?

    I am past all that now, and the future beckons....

    So, you take every minute you want, but I wouldn't second your statement at all, in fact, every hour, you can play with your grandfather's clock....

    How many times do I have to tell you this?
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    Is the T-800 really 1:18 or 1:16? according to the pics the skeleton warriors are slightly larger than 1:18. However, I'm no expert, I haven't built them yet. A test build may reveal the true size. :)
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    Dang it, now I have to check myself. I cannot remember if I scaled them or not. I will amend my statement that there is a T-800 that is great hidden in UHU's Seven Skeletal Warriors, and it is so close to 1:18, that only a little scaling might be necessary. Or not.

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    The skeleton heads would add to my diorama...... If The T800 is in there too, I could make it to fit, laying inert on the ground with a sign around its neck: "I'll be back...... NOT!"
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    This is the picture that made me thinking. It looks as if the figure is 11 cm tall. If it was 1/18 it should have been about 10 cm tall. However, the legs have not been attached yet and the perspective could have been distorted, so I can be mistaken.

    source: UHU02 "Seven skeleton warriors" build thread
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    As you say, perspective may be misleading, but I think, (from the pic,) they are around 8 1/2 cm high....

    HEY! @uhu02 So what height are they?? :D

    For my needs, an approximation of between 1/18th & 1/20th will do for the figure......

    So, two printouts of both scales are forthcoming.....


    2x20 + 2x18 = 4

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    I thought that was "Bones' from Star Trek". :)
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    @zathros; "Damn it Zathros, I'm a skeleton, not a doctor!"

    with regards, to the maths & scale calculations, I stopped reading a few posts ago.... 2+2=5 innit? :hammerhead::hammerhead::hammerhead::rolllaughing:

    Private school education...
  14. Revell-Fan

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    Yes. In quantum mechanics everything's possible. :cool:
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    Who cares anyway. Mathematical prowess or not, 69 is still my favourite number....... :D
  16. DanBKing

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    And on the subject of numeric, allow me to keep things metric and rounded off ........
    It has been a whole 10 days since I started this thread, but have provided nothing of a constructive nature....... :oops:

    So, let me present the first of many instalments to this thread....:)

    Oh, and please do not judge my build quality until the end of the build! Its the final result that counts! ;)
    And bear in mind, that the whole model is going to be coated, in one way or another. Meaning, that what you see early in the thread, might make you cringe and say WTF! :)

    I printed the whole model on 160 GSM A4 paper, in grey-scale. I did not need to print it in colour, as the texturing is only going to work as a guide for my panel layering idea.... And besides, there isn't going to be any printed texture visible under a few layers of paint!

    I followed the instructions and built up the rear under section of the fuselage.
    The glued joints were mostly edge glued and tabbed from behind.

    General_464.JPG General_465.JPG General_466.JPG
    General_467.JPG General_468.JPG General_469.JPG

    I cut out and shaped the parts for the upper rear of the fuselage and had a sudden craving for lobster ........:);)


    The 'between the thighs' parts were made up. The white areas with the dots, are where the pods for the rear legs will be attached to later.


    These were attached, and the upper sections were edge glued together and then attached to the main assembly.

    General_473.JPG General_472.JPG

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  17. DanBKing

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    I used very thick card and made up the internal frame parts.....


    It was at this point where I decided to stop with the build of the fuselage, because if I went any further, fore or aft, the fuselage would be closed up and I would have no access.

    I had to make some decisions now:
    • How to utilize the internal framework in the suspension system of the model,
    • How and where I am going to run the wiring for the various LED's I want to incorporate in the model.
    The wings, the engines, the lower fuselage (within the white area of the above photo,) and of course the spotlights at the front, all require LEDS and the associated wiring.
    So, I decided to make up all of these parts first, before continuing with the fuselage.......

    My next post will cover the start of build of the assemblies containing the lighting.....

    That will be over the next day, or so ..... ;)

    Laters.. ! :wave:
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    Fantastic looking there Dan, u be the King!. :)

    As far "2+2=5 innit", that forces one to look at the thickness of the equation as it is written in a virtual environment. The end result could either way, dependent on the way the attractive forces go, either subtracting or adding, at least I think so, innit? :)
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    2+2 does equal 5. It's all about perspective :) Looking good Dan!
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    Methought, everything equals 42..! :cool::D
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