Paperkura and texturing problems

Discussion in 'Software' started by Fisher, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. Fisher

    Fisher New Member

    Hello again,

    Just a quick question, if this is the wrong section as such sorry; could any one tell me why and how to get Paperkura to show textures correctly as, having rendered my hull in two sections, port and starboard, I went about making the texture in PSP7 and set about offering up via Paperkura to the said hull section.

    I have found that, it seems Paperkura tends to place textureing a little haphasudly<???, and as such some of the hull side looks like it ie missing said texture, what would be a good way around this, OR!!, is their another way to cope regarding texture setting, using Lightwave 8.0 and PSP7.0, these being my chosen softeware!!!!???...

    Hope for some good ideas and suggestions as open to any all and thanks and regards to all for nay help forth coming,,,cheers..

    Tom....... :D
  2. barry

    barry Active Member



    Any chance of a few screen shots on how you got the hull to this stage I can't make head or tail of the method.


  3. Fisher

    Fisher New Member

    Barry, What is it you would like to know???, as for screen shots, I will need to take it from my other system and up load it to my net work system, so sorry if their is a delay my friend.

    Ship modelled in Lightwave 8.0 and textures done with PSP7 but, its the textures that seem to get a little messed up when finalising model within Paperkura, but, great software all the same....

    Regards, Tom...
  4. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    Sounds like the UVs are not mapped correctly. What are you using for a UV paint editor? Need to see an image of the problem to even begin to sort it out...,
    - Gil
  5. barry

    barry Active Member



    Thanks I had got the impression (lord knows wherefrom) that you were using metaseq, guess I will have to ask NOBI how you design a simple hull in that HINT HINT NOBI.

  6. NOBI

    NOBI Active Member

    Hi There,

    UV Mapping on metaseq will coming soon in F-89 Scorpion's tutorial :) metaseq like a brother with pepakura everything show in metaseq can show the same in pepakura :)
  7. Fisher

    Fisher New Member


    Hi there mate, the problem is not only texture but the fact that, every time you develope from the .lwo file in paperkura, some edges go off on corners and, it seems to cut the model into more parts than is required, and their is no where I can see to alter this in the paperkura program.

    As for UV setting, what would I need to look for in regards to Lightwave and Paperkura, as, I am not that good at doing screen shots......sorry about that mate!!.

    Is there any other way or software that a person could use in the production of card models from what ever 3D program they use, my case Lightwave v8.0???......................Regards.............

    Tom..... :D
  8. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    I'm not familiar with Lightwave but assume its like most other modeling packages. The issue is how the texture maps are projected onto the surface of the model. You need a way to look at and edit the flattened projected texture map. What is needed is a true, interactive UV editing package that allows the user to view the UV coordinates as a wire frame model that can be manipulated using a variety of editing tools. One such package is called "Flesh" and is still considered one of the best around. Maya also includes a very good UV editor which has a "relax" feature which takes a set of UVs that have been mapped with some overlapping and uneven distribution of points and redistributes the UVs by averaging the distance between each UV. This creates a very smooth distribution of UVs along the surface. The other thing that makes the Maya editor easy to use is that it uses virtually the same tool set that is used for modeling in the UjV editing package. This makes traversing from the modeling tool to the UV editor a lot easier.

    So you need to look for a good UV editor and use its output to view the paint editor work...,


    P.S. This stuff is not easy and a very few understand how it actually works, so don't become discouraged it just takes time. I'm currently looking into a process for the production of photorealistic rendered cardmodels.

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