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    A Plane

    just some of them make it so far maybe i start a rebuild, the problem is that i don't have enough space for them now.
    one off them is a plane i´m going to rebuild the parts the plane nose is lost :mrgreen:

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    For the bulid there are 4 asamble parts legs and waist, arms and shulder join, head and nose, and, wings and back, here are the pics i hope they help, remember the nose cone is lost :mrgreen:
    The head is conected by 3 joints on each side

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    ok, first pas the chest inside the shoulders joint and glue the low part to the center of the waist, you can glue together the chest and the arm join in the red zone or, you can leave it and give a up and down movement for the arms.
    if you leave the joint lose, only glue the blue part to the back(wings) to kep the movement.

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    You only need to glue the robot to the wings, i think i glue the wings head down but you make your choise.

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    here are the pics on plane form, I put the wings to look in robot mode, so they don´t look so good in plane, and the nose is lost :mrgreen:

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    robot mode, i didn´t glue the soulder joint so i can move the arms up, i hope this could help.

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    Now that makes it so much clearer. Thanks!
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    ok, :thumb: please show us your model
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    not rula!!!!
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    How do you get the shape for the rear fenders? I tried modelling Prowl, and find the rear fenders a little above the hood in front. Moreover, the door panels have nothing behind them. Moreover, the leg brace is a little too broad to fit into the lower legs- so there's a puzzle in fixing the lower legs-leg brace-rear fenders combination.
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    Hey guys!

    It's been a while since I posted last and it's great to see the discussino about these awesome models!

    Arjun, yeah, the problems you've found are exactly right. I built Charger which is not the same pattern as Prowl but pretty close... I ended up copying all the separate pieces into MSPaint and fixing them by hand.

    I cut-and-pasted an additional section under each one of the doors to give them a colored back. I added an extra section to the tires because they don't build correctly as-is. I trimmed the Leg Brace by cutting off each end up to the gray sections (otherwise it's too long :) ). And I made the Rear Fenders taller so they match the height of the rest of the model... otherwise it just looks funky.

    I'll post a few pictures of what I did... it will have to wait though as it is sitting proudly on my desk in my office at work :)

    I have yet to try an airplane... I think I'll try that next!

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    Can't wait to see them. Any chance of getting one of these from you in the "modified" form?
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    Hi all ,
    Just wondering if anyone has the Ultra Magnus paperformer pdf ? See I'm new here and I was only introduced to paperformers a while ago ,and these links no longer work.

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    Hi all ,
    Xavs what's taking you so long. I'm waiting for the Ultra Magnus paperformer. Any way I have a lot and I'll try to post some pictures when I build them in a few weeks.Thanks for replying though Xavs.

    "'Till all are one"sign1
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    it's very beautyful.
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    Anybody got metroplex?
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    Es simple pero esta genial! muchas gracias!
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    Hey guys,the creator of the paperformers, Mr.Neil Davidson, is redoing the paperformers, with less complex parts;check these out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    this is awesome i gata find em.

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