Papercraft Ford GT40 slotcar body

Discussion in 'Slot Cars General' started by Triop, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. Triop

    Triop Member

  2. mgmike

    mgmike New Member

    I like the ford but I also like the muscle car in the background any plans for that one
  3. Triop

    Triop Member

  4. corduroy

    corduroy New Member

    hey Triop, do you coat them with some sort of hardener so they take the knocks better?
  5. Ingchao

    Ingchao New Member

    That GT40 is real wicked! I had a green one as a kid way back in the early '70's- somehow managed to melt the front of the body! Don't remember how though.
  6. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    These bodies can really cut off a lot of weight. Spoilers and playing with ground effects can really make them stick to the track too. Very cool!

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