Paperbus: Mercedes O0405

Discussion in 'Commercial & Civilian Vehicles' started by Belldandy, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. Belldandy

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  2. Willja67

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    Nice looking model. Just a quick look at it looks like you designed it to be pretty simple if you wanted to improve it you would have to up the detail level (seperate wheels and wheel wells, interior, etc). Looks like a very elegant design to me with a lot of detail using a minimum of parts. That's a goal every designer should strive for I think.
  3. Belldandy

    Belldandy New Member

    Thanks. It has separate wheels as an option (in which case the simple wheels attached to the body need to be cut off). Interior is an idea, might have to take more notice of the inside next time.
  4. hpept

    hpept Member

    Great models Katya. Can you tell me which is the scale of your buses? I would like to reduce them to 1:87 scale to use in a H0 train layout.
  5. Belldandy

    Belldandy New Member

    Thanks. There is no specific scale, I have tried to get get the relative scale right, but I don't have actual measurements in most cases except perhaps length,width and height (even sometimes not all of these). So you'll need to scale them visually.

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