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Discussion in 'Tips & FAQs' started by Mark_1984, Jan 31, 2007.

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    OK folks, I guess this has been asked before, but I couldn't find it.

    What weight paper should I buy for printing off models downloaded from the web ? I guess it will depend on the model, and whether its for skins, or structural parts, but some guidance would be appreciated. (Anything has got to be better than photo paper !!)

    Sorry for asking what's probably a very obvious answer, but I have no idea... and I'll be buying mail order so I can't just have a look in the shop :(

    Many thanks for help in advance

  2. Kaz

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    Much will depend on your own preferences, I tried with photopaper, and as you found out, its not too good, I then used 210 gsm, this made lovely curves etc. but was way to heavy fot the more intricate fiddly bits, I now stay with 160 gsm.

    Any structual parts will usually have a 'glue this to 1mm thick card...' or something along those lines

    Welcome to the most hospitable forum I have ever known.
  3. hpept

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    I usually stick with 180gsm paper for almost all my builds. For very small models( and i mean very small) I use normal copy paper 75 gsm.
  4. mbauer

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    Mark 1984,

    It isn't just a weight issue. Different brands (International, Wasau, etc.) are not the same.

    Designing for flight requires strong, yet light weight. Wasau Index 110# (198.9g/m) weighs the exact same as Springhill Index 110. The Springhill is stiffer and is harder to work with, but it will carry 3-times the load.

    Simple things that the Wasau can handle can mean 2-3 tries with Springhill sometimes! used to be my supplier until they stopped carrying my brand of choice. Lots of free swatch books! many, many different brands, browse to find all kinds of useful paper information. Glossary, conversion/equivalent weight charts, etc..

    Hopefully this helps!
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  6. Mark_1984

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    Thanks guys - lots of good info there.

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    Carefull with that avatar of yours, might get you arrested in Boston.
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    I normally use 160 gsm which is easy to find and relatively cheap. For the sturdiest part of a model I use the more expensive 300 gsm which is great.

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