Paper Sputnik?

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  1. This is off topic, but for those who remember, and for those who weren't around back then, I submit the following for your review.

    YouTube - Surprise!

    I should have gotten this out on the 4th but I was at work and You-tube is blocked there.

    Tom Williams, Jr.
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  3. Thank you very much for that wonderful Sputnik model, Niels. I'm a member of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, the oldest active science fiction club (founded in 1934). Noted members over the decades include Robert A. Heinlein, Forrest J. Ackerman, Jack Williamson, Ray Harryhausen, Poul Anderson, Ray Bradbury, L. Ron Hubbard (back when he was still writing science fiction), Alan Dean Foster, Steven Barnes, Bjo Trimble, Dr. Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven -- both Pournelle and Niven were present at last Thursday's meeting.

    Since LASFS meets every Thursday night, and Meeting #3,660 fell exactly on Sputnik's golden anniversary, I simply HAD to finish your model in time. But with less than three nights to work on this project, you can imagine the mad scavenger hunt as I rushed to locate an appropriate sphere -- I found a 60 mm clear plastic Christmas tree ornament at a local crafts store that splits in two for decorating and/or stuffing with candy or tiny gifts. A brass ornament hanger stand was just the right size to display the completed model.

    Due to time constraints, I wasn't able to completely eliminate the center seam (silver paint hides NOTHING), but the final result impressed my fellow LASFS members. I donated the model as a club fundraiser, so thank you again for helping to support our organization. It certainly made an appropriate exhibit as the club celebrated Sputnik's golden anniversary.

    By the way, Dr. Pournelle actually played that YouTube video of Leslie Fish's "Surprise!" during the LASFS meeting. I know Leslie, and she's written many songs pertaining to the space program. There's two videos of her "Hope Eyrie", a hymn to the Apollo program:

    YouTube - Hope Eyrie

    YouTube - Julia Ecklar/Hope Eyrie - Apollo 11 Commemoration
    (Sung by Julia Elklar)

    And here's Leslie's "Witness' Waltz"

    YouTube - Witnesses' Waltz - music clip

    You might also like Jordin Kare's "Fire in the Sky":

    YouTube - Fire in the sky - music clip
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    Thank you David

    I am very honored to know, that the model has been shown in Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society. What a member list. When I was younger I read a lot of science fiction books - and I clearly remember Larry Nivens "Neutron Star" - which also has been translated to danish.
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    More History

    Just saw the PBS program Nova on the beging of the space race. It was very informative. Check out the web site. You can even build a V2.

    NOVA | Sputnik Declassified | PBS

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    Sputnik Satellite and Rocket Models

    Hi all,

    Here is another very nice Sputnik model, by member and well-known modeler Erik te Groen - just click 'Models' in the left margin:

    Bengt :thumb:
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    Super!!! Thanks Bengt :D
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    Ahh, Bengt beat me to it... I just stumbled across that model and came back to this thread to post it :D
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    You guys who like Real Space models need to subscribe to the Yahoo Space Paper Models group and mailing list. Niels and Erik, Ton, Jon, etc., were discussing these models for quite a while before release. Check it out here: Space-Paper-Models : space paper models

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