Paper Shipwright's Mortar Boat

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    This is a kit review of the freebie Mortar Boat from Paper Shipwright:

    Scale: 1:250
    Pages: 1 (letter/A4)
    Parts: 53
    Media: downloadable PDF (unlocked)
    Author: David Hathaway
    Difficulty: 2-3 of 5

    My original intention was to build this model for the 'freebie contest', but I didn't finish in time. I also wanted to see if I could build such a small scale as I have admired the kits from this publisher for some time.

    The mortar boat was essentially a armored barge used during the American Civil War to bombard shore fortifications on the Mississippi River.

    The website states that there are only 26 pieces, but I count 53 individual parts to cut out (excluding the sign). Perhaps the 26 reflects sub-assemblies. The kit was fairly straightforward with some instructions and tips and included several diagrams. I built the sub-assemblies and had no encountered no problems, but the mortar seemed slightly narrower than its carriage. I simply made some small disks to fill the gap. The mortar and bomb racks were then glued onto the barge before installing the armored upperworks. My upperworks was slightly torqued but squared up nicely once glued down. Finally, I then placed the cap on it. The last parts were the two towing posts. I fashioned mortar bombs from Sculpey clay hardened in a toaster oven and placed them in the racks. In hindsight, poppy seeds may be the proper diameter to use which would have been a bit easier.

    I agree with the difficulty proposed by Mr. Hathaway, due to the size of the parts. I believe I used Hammermill 67lb Exact Vellum Bristol (145 gsm) but the kit calls for 160gsm card. Fit was very good and I'm very happy with the end result. All in all, a fun kit and I would recommend it. Pictures to be added shortly.
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    As promised, here are the pix:

    I gave a full shot of the kit since it's a freebie.

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