Paper Scale Model Airplanes SM-79

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by gera, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. gera

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    I had the pleasure of buying and downloading Dewayne's SM-79 this weekend.
    First of all the service is the best you can get..I sent the order and ten minutes later the model was ready for download. It downloaded perfectly as a PDF file.
    It consists of 8 pages and instructions, the printing is of the best kind and the colors are very good. Its a big model which makes it outstanding 1/48 scale. The pilot's cabin is very nicely detailed which will make a nice talking piece. I will start work soon and will place photos as work progresses.
    I also download his Fiesler FI-167 one of the unknown planes of WWII and it also is "Prime choice". At $5.00 for the SM-79 and $2.00 for the FI-167 the prices are very good. I recommend both planes to anyone.
    Keep up the great work Dewane. :wink:
  2. NOBI

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    Hi Gera,

    Wait for your great picture of your building SM.79 now :D

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