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  1. Zathros

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    Now, this is also a site that is among the bulwarks of this community. Julescrafter's site is just so full of models of every shape and former, subject and full of surprises, it should be visited regularly, just to make sure you have what you want. Some people only like to take models they know they will build. Funny thing is a lot of models disappear over the years, and the deal was "grab 'em while you can", not ask for them and get into all kinds of issues as to whether you should or should not give the models to others. I say if you like the model, Download it, Archive it. I have given models back to many designers who lost their collections through hard drive failures, and a host of other reasons.

    Paper-Replika is an awesome huge site Another of the must see and bookmark sites. Julius Perdana is a person of great integrity, easily reached, responsible and caring . Below is but a very small selection of models. Some are from his site, some link to other sites. Have fun! :)







  2. Dented Rick

    Dented Rick Human

    I love Paper-replika, most of my archives are from that site, plus something I may have overlooked or ignored, then decided to build at a later date can usually be found there. :D
  3. Zathros

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    Thank You AMORMAN for the Heads Up on this. I had just checked, and have been anxiously awaiting it's finish. What a beauty!! Worthy of praise! :inw:


  4. RobTACP

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    Yes Yes Yes. As a forward air controller, I've got a lot of time working on the battlefield with these guys and have been hunting for a good AC -130 model. Thanks for that link, I might have missed it.
  5. Psyscape

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    Wonderful site and a great many fantastic models. The hard choice for me is which to build first. :)

    Unfortunately where I suffer from a moderately slow link (rural area ignored by telecom monopoly) the Paper-Replika site can be somewhat slow for me as it appears to load an advert strip for every single image.

    I hate to moan to be honest because I've got some excellent models from that site and I am extremely grateful to the site owner for providing them, hosting many and providing them free.

    I can understand the need for the advertising to assist in site costs, but ... every image?

    Ah well, it is a small price to pay for so much choice. I just wish my connection was faster so it wouldn't take so long. Damn monopoly companies.

    Thank you Julius, I don't wish to sound ungrateful as I am not, I'm just a teeny bit frustrated that I can't get decent speeds here in the UK. ;)
  6. Zathros

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    The u.K., like the U.S, is far behind the so called 3rd world with their fast as light internet services. Sigh, it's a price we pay. Great site though!
  7. Psyscape

    Psyscape Member

    Yes, great site... excellent in fact.

    I am aware that large chunks of the US are still suffering from lack of broadband. Several "friends" in the US are still on dial up with modems. At least I do have ADSL albeit it's dog slow and more like ISDN. Still it's better than some people have to put up with.

    I should be more thankful really. After all, I could live a few miles from where I do and not have internet at all.
  8. Zathros

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    There are some parts of the U.S., where people yell out Binary codes to each other to send data! I think it was Oklahoma, but it could have been the accent!!announce1
  9. THE DC

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    You're right; this is a great site.

    The DC
  10. red_hoplite

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    Wonderful site... :)
  11. Rhaven Blaack

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    This is a truly wonderful site. I have it favorited on my computer and check it regularly for anything new that I would be interested in.

    Zathros did make a very good point in saying "grab 'em while you can". I have seen other websites that put a model up and a few months (or even weeks) go by and then they are go.

    I do archive my models. I know that I will more then like never build them all, but I have them for when I decide to build a particular model I can and do not have to worry about not having it. I have also made models a gifts for many different occasions as well. It is nice to have a data base of different models for such.

    Zathros, thank you once again for sharing the link to this great site.
  12. Dented Rick

    Dented Rick Human

    Same here, in fact on more than one occasion, I have come across the original designer of a particular model losing their file, and asking if anyone had it, and i have shared it with them. I need a bigger HD though, Im running out of room :eek::eek:
  13. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Hard drives are getting cheap too. With a SATA or IDE to USB dongle, they can be hot swap able.
  14. dindandut

    dindandut New Member

    That's my favourite website to find all range of papermodel, from easy to very complicated model
  15. SEBRET

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    I agree with everyone here. I have always had fun building his models.
  16. THE DC

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    Lately when I visit this site, if I click on download I am randomly redirected to anything from parental advice pages to the yellow pages?

    Is this just my little computer?
  17. Zathros

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    I just went there and downloaded 3 models. The Airbus Cebu is awesome.

    I think you have Malware, I had no redirects, and that is symptomatic of an infected computer. I had no problem downloading the models, and the downloads were instantaneous! :)
  18. Wad_Cutter

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    Did you ever crave for a steam card stick model of a train. The kind that use to be moving across the tracks of the US. A old fashion train locomotive. Black with lots of detail and do-dads. Oh, did I mention free? I have seen a few but nothing yet that hits the mark. A model you would mind placing on the mantle above the fire place. Ya know what I mean. Something in years from now I would be able to build. Maybe.
  19. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    This Little Locomotive comes out really nice when done. It is perfect for scaling up. It's not what you were describing but those trains were loud monstrous beautiful hulks of machinery. I have seen paper models, but I think the detail is something you would have to expand on yourself, though with the models even at Paper-Replika, this could be done. They have some nice train models there. The locomotives are a bit simplistic. It is so hard to even get models in the U.S., any super accurate train model will probably be a scan.

    Porter Locomotive Paper-Replika:
  20. THE DC

    THE DC Member

    My bad!!

    I was clicking on the highlighted words, not going to the bottom link.

    Thanks for the help...

    The DC

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