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  1. Dented Rick

    Dented Rick Human

    When I visited (or tried to) Paper-Replika this morning, I got a message that they have malware on the site. anyone else see this? and if so, any info on if their working on it or when the site is gonna be working again?

    PR Maleware.jpg
  2. paulhbell

    paulhbell Member

    Works ok for me.
  3. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    He is working on the problem, please bear with him. He got Hacked. It sucks when someone who just gives all he possibly can to the community, hosting all the models for free, and he gets Hacked by some Jerk who has nothing better to do than spread their stupid Malware, and all the stupid people who run no protection and are part of the millions of "Bot computers spreading the Malware/Spyware/Spam. If you run Good protection, you should have got a warning. It is based on files that were downloaded from his website. Julescrafter is a Icon in the community. he will get this all sorted out. Now is a good time to make sure your own computers are up to date, and with the times.

    It is easy to bypass the warning and continue to the site. I do not advise this. There is no way of telling what you might download. Nowadays, sometimes even with the best anti-virus, if you invite it in, it is too late. If you get hit hard, you will have to format and re-install you operating system, losing everything. I also always recommend backing up your most valued files to DVD's. Well worth the effort. Thanks
  4. zwave343

    zwave343 the human lazor


    I agree zath. But luckily i have hackers on my side. I and them found about 10 different ways to bypass all the school restrictions on my computer. But still. I dont get what people get out of delievering a virus, or brining down an entire community with malware or what ever they choose to do. I delievered a small virus to ma bro's laptop as revenge for something, but i didnt fell any better. Of course i got rid of it.sign1
  5. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Well, PaperReplika is just one of my favorite websites. I don't think there is any other site that is as well put together, and has had Administrator/owner, who is so accessible. Why anyone would harass Julescrafter is beyond me.
  6. zwave343

    zwave343 the human lazor

    Same here. Havent heard of any bad things the guy has done. Must be some random that thinks he is a tough guy and has just been a complete a- hole.
  7. Dented Rick

    Dented Rick Human

    Well, good luck to him. hope all gets fixed. I like his site
  8. sjjigi

    sjjigi New Member

    Loving this site too!

    Thanks for sharing :) think its working perfectly now

    but I got question for you, about original papercraft section, I can't get download version of the template?

    Is it just part for showing cool papercrafts others had made?
  9. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Their downloadable, just click "Read More", scroll past instructions, and click the part that says ".....templates", and agree to the terms.
  10. dersinas

    dersinas New Member

    I've just been to the page with Firefox from Germany server. No problems here.
  11. zwave343

    zwave343 the human lazor

    That problem has been resolved for a few weeks now,
  12. zwave343

    zwave343 the human lazor


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