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  1. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    I was originally wary of posting progress of this project here, partly as I hate duplicate threads and I know many (if not all) of the likely interested parties are on 'both' sites. The other part is due to the future commercial nature of this project, and I know in the past (before my time) that was a problem here.

    However, 'both' sites have since become a bit of a home to me, and so it seems unfair to post progress 'there' and not 'here' and to upload files 'there' that are not available to the members who are only 'here'. That said, I have completed the first stages of a figurine set that I call 'Paper Protagonist'. While largely it is intended as a commercial project, my first releases (and many more in the future) are based on proprietary works, and thus are available for free.

    The concept is an interchangeable fully poseable and inexpensive gaming model that retains many of the detail and qualities of a plastic or metal figurine of that scale, while being repeatable and model-able in virtually any pose. I had originally conceived only of 1:50 scale (close to the 'standard' 35mm scale), but due to repeated requests will offering releases in both 1:35 and 1:50. I've uploaded the first two models (ARC Pilot and Alliance Pilot) now here, but I've included some progress shots for your perusal.

    I do hope that you enjoy. I will warn in advance that the websites linked in the instructions and the layout files are not yet active, but I expect to have them up within the month. Please feel free to PM me or post here with comments or questions regarding assembly.


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  2. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    Files are in the download section and ready to go!

    Thank you, Tirick, for sharing these.
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  3. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    I have finished the first prototype of my next model; a departure from the Sci-fi themed stuff I've worked on to date. It is fairly heavily influenced by Norman armour from the 11th-14th century, although the design and heraldry are my own creations.

    While a bit hard to see in the pictures, there are three layers to the miniature; the under-armour padding (base figure), a mail hauberk, and a quilted surcoat. The mail coif fits beneath the helm (although the helm needs a little adjustment to fit better). The boots and vambrace, as with the other models, are laminate build-ups on the figure.


    Note this is still a prototype. I hope to have the final available for sale in the next few weeks.

    I've also included shots of a custom mod using the components from this kit and from the Rebel pilot ([​IMG] all I need now is the Moldy Crow).


  4. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    Nice work Sean! Will all the figures you produce have interchangeable parts?
  5. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    Excellent work guy, I am still having problems building the hands for my figures, that is why I have not posted any of my figure builds lately. Your figure are a boon for us vehicle makers. we need the crews and you have supplied them. Can you attempt some in the BSG outfits? That would complement the vipers and other BSG stuff.
  6. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    Thank you! I am glad to see interest in the figures!

    Yes, the intent is that all of the male figures will have interchangeable parts, and likewise with the female figures (once I settle on a torso design and build up a prototype). Some elements will be interchangeable between both, like weapons and gear (helmets for example). As for sets, I will likely have a few 'base' sets and then complimentary component sets, but I've not settled on the specifics of that.

    Hands? I'm a bit surprised that that is the hard part for you mate (especially you, considering the brilliant work you do, silver). The hands are essentially folded in half along the 'pinkie'. I usually cut a block rectangle around the hands and trim after the halves are glued. Once dried, fold the thumb according to the hand it is on and the long slot is inserted into the forearm. The bits are really little so I find it best to roll on a pin or needle-point tweezers. There is actually a difference between the palm and the back of the hand textures, but even on high-quality print I have difficulty seeing it in my own builds. If you want more thickness (I've never made the 1:35 models myself) I would just attach a layer of cardstock in between.

    BSG pilots (2004 series, and maybe TOS if I'm feeling ambitious) is on the books for certain, but a little later.

    My workflow is pretty stilted and slow as I juggle my crazy muse on top of filial obligations. They, like the Katarn conversion, may actually be build ups mods of other models, but its hard to say. I will not charge for models that are not strictly my own design, but I may not specifically design models that can be built using elements available in other kits.

    Hope that clarifies!

    Thank you,
  7. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    I will try again, and again, practice makes perfect, But for now, I have that Black Bird to design and then to my coach series again.
  8. Rocci

    Rocci New Member

    looks good. It's really having patience...
  9. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    These things are just so slick... truly showing just what can be achieved with paper.
  10. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    Thank you for your comments :D ... Now that I'm done building the Baneblade (and a LeMan Russ) I'm ready to finish the release and work on the next sets. A rebuild of the Stormtrooper design is in the works as well as a future/modern soldier.

    Thank you!
  11. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    Whew... 2 months since the last real update. I'm nearly at the point of setting up my site; my target is this month at the least. I've really spent the last few months building (Baneblade and LeMan Russ), but I feel recharged and ready for the next design.

    That said, I missed my target of Easter for the Stormtrooper redo. I'll be a few more weeks (at least) completing the panels and textures (not to mention the weapons) but here is a sneak peek of the skinsuit. From this I'm sure you will infer the level of detail that will be laminated onto the base figure. Note this skinsuit will be the basis for all Star Wars 'Trooper' types and after I finish my next pay model I'll likely do either Scouts or Clone Troopers.


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  12. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    Armour, Helmet and E-11 Blaster now modeled. I want to add a holster to the belt and I may add a few more rifles, but the suit is ready for texturing.

    I've shown some closeups of the E-11; the top one is a 'scale' version matching the movie scale (43 cm long) the bottom one is beefier and more 'correct' in my modeling mind (toy scale). I will likely include both as I suspect some of you might be more picky about such things and some might prefer a more practical size for assembly. The E-11 is really a carbine not a rifle, but to me at that scale it will just look like an oversized (and mis-shaped) pistol.


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  13. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    Finished texturing the helmet. Its shown here in comparison to my original design 3 years ago. Heck of a difference 3 yrs can make.


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  14. crates

    crates New Member

    Great job on the stormtrooper that helmet looks realy good.

    I had a go at making the rebel pilot, realy like the modularity of the kit espescialy the shoulder joints.

    Im currently making necromunda scenery and i'm considering making gangs using your models as a base.

    Thanks for the inspiration, keep it up.
  15. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    Thank you mate! I'll very soon have my site fully active (the front page is up) and the latest design will then be available. The Stormies I hope to get done within the next few weeks.
  16. Chrispysurfer

    Chrispysurfer Member

    These models are brilliant and an inspiration to me. I am pretty new to the hobby still and am learning the ropes. I recently was inspired by Silveroxides amazingly detailed build of Patroch wonderful WH40k models to start adding in my own little scratch built details. I am currently finishing a dreadnaught with some of my own imaginings, (unfortunately the wife is traveling with the good camera, otherwise, I would have build pics), and have a little project I would like to start by making some protagonists of my own. I was wondering if you would let me practice on yours and pick your brain a little. Even if that isn't cool, your work has totally inspired me to start getting into the design process.
  17. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    You can of course design and modify paper protagonists for your own use, in some ways the design encourages this; I would however ask that you refrain from distributing such, as the design is proprietary. I do intend to sell many of these designs (although I'll continue to maintain and create free releases).

    That said, if you want any assistance on the design process for models, I would be happy to share and discuss.

    Thank you,
  18. sorcerer1089

    sorcerer1089 New Member

    This is a very cool compliment to a vehicle build, and the pose-ability makes it great for anyone who does role playing games too. How many base characters are you making?
  19. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    I have a lot planned, just waiting for time/muse to drive it. Been working on a few other projects in the interim.

    Nevertheless, there really is no limit to the design potential. The next (after Stormtroopers) will probably be either a SciFi/Modern Trooper, or drivers/crew for an APC I'm working on.

    I've plans to make WWI and WWII age pilot too, but it will be a little bit before I get there.

    As for 'extra' components, I've an armoury planned for the Man at Arms figure. That may well come out before the other 'base' figures.
  20. Lord Red Dragon

    Lord Red Dragon E.V.I. ltd CEO

    I have seen some droids done in a similar manner. I like the idea for gaming on a budget.

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