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  1. Greetings all! Does anyone know of any card models of land speed record race cars/trucks/motorcycles? I have Schreiber's Blue Flame, and I just bought issue No2 of Adventure at Speed because it contained a basic model of the Golden Arrow (LSR holder, 1929 at 231.36 mph driven on the sand at Daytona Beach!). Beyond that, I'm coming up dry, and I want more! I think this is an aspect of auto racing that has been pretty much ignored by card model designers. There's over a hundred years of exciting, colorful subjects from many countries here, and all I can find is 2 models! If anyone has any leads on others I'd love to hear about them. Thanks in advance.
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    Micromodels did Donald Campbells "Bluebird", a world water speed record holder.
    yes, I know it is not a car.
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    I'd really like to have a full model of the Thrust SSC...

    anyone care to design? ;D
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    There are a very many different categories of Land Speed record vehicles. So there could be models of lots of different types of vehicles from those categories.
  6. Yes, there are many categories, but I was thinking primarily of the most famous cars which are usually in the unlimited class - Thrust SSC, Spirit of America, Green Monster, Goldenrod, Golden Arrow, Blue Bird, Wingfoot Express, Sunbeam, Railton Special etc, etc. Some of these cars are kind of "swoopy" with lots of compound curves, and might be difficult to pull off easily in paper, but others are more like aircraft fuselages with wheels. Thanks Rick and Phil for the tips on the Thrust SSC item and the Blue Bird WSR model, I wasn't aware of either of them.
  7. Here's a link to some really excellent models of LSR cars hand made in resin Seems like some of these should be executable in paper. Has anyone seen "The World's Fastest Indian"? I really enjoyed it. It's "based" on the story of Burt Munro from New Zealand who set a number of LS records on several bikes, one of which was a highly modified 1920 Indian motorcycle. I believe one of his records still stands after 40 years. The extra features on the DVD has an excellent documentary on Burt. He was a real character. Anthony Hopkins did a great job depicting him.
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    Actually the more modern land speed record vehicles are pretty much bullet shaped with some side fins to help stabilize the car at such high speeds. So I don't see it being very difficult to transition it to paper. Now if you were to include the jet engines that they're equipped with, that may be a little bit different story.
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    I think thrust 2 is one of the best looking land speed cars I would love to see a model of that.I think schreiber did a Blue Flame model?
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    Schreiber did do a Blue Flame, which i am planning on building starting tonight.

    in the mean time, anyone care to design this little monster?



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