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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by milenio3, Aug 3, 2006.

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    Friends all over the world.

    I'm planning on displaying models on a local museum, at the local airport, and the local "mobile planetarium". The museum houses Concorde parts ( and has plastic models. The airport went through a renovation and the local plastic modeler's club had to take out their models, but I will have a chat with the airport managers to see if they can allow to display paper models. And the mobile planetarium ( is a new service for local schools to educate about Astronomy and Aeronautics. The director of this project is my friend, so no problems on displaying models here, or taking them from school to school.

    Plastic models are common in museums, etc. And at least in this part of the world, paper models are not that common.

    So how you boys and girls display your models in public?
    Where do you display them? Any copyright concerns? (I know there's a thread for this matter, but I'm talking about public display here).
    What you went through to display them?
    What special display options you've got for your models? (Cases, stands, bookshelfs).
    Has anyone of you have pictures of your models in a museum / airport web page?
    What about at home? Any problems finding a good spot on the hall, or they just lay in dusty boxes? I don't want to think that you build a model, and them throw them away. Many hours - not to mention money - spent on your baby... :?

    To put it simple... what do you do with your models??

    Thank you.
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    Thanks, Phil. That's for one.
    How about displays in actual museums / airports?
    I have seen many many beautiful models in Somebody mentioned "I don't have museum-quality models"... but I disagree. I believe everybody has come up with a fine piece you are proud of. Should be out for all to see.
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    Great site, Kevin!
    Yes, that's what I want to know... paper models on public displays.
    If paper modeling has many years, it should have more public displays... maybe more than plastic. But I haven't seen this.
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    I already talked to the guys at the Concorde museum here in Juarez, Mexico, and they agreed to display the models I'm making from Ralph Currell and Erik te Groen (see the thread here: )
    If everything goes as planned, I'll be sending you photos and news of the models.
    So, the next step is to design a display stand for the Concordes.
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    Here's a link to the Albuquerque Sunport Display. of Wings Pics.htm

    Perhaps you've actually seen this one since it is but a day's drive from Juarez. Anyway of approximately 700 models on display, three are made of paper. Harry has quite a job of cleaning/repairing the models on display and cajouling ASM club members into donating more from the "list" of 1200 subjects. I'm currently way behind on a mail biplane model.

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    Nope, I've been in Albuquerque a couple of times (just 5 hours of drive actually), but it never occurred to me to go and check the airport.
    Thank you very much for this link.
    And now, I know where to take my family next time. Although Alamogordo is also on the schedule... and Santa Fe (on our way back from the Rockies a couple of month ago, we only had dinner there, hehe).
    Thank you again!

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