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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Stev0, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. Stev0

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    I decided since it's really hot this time of year the last thing I want is for my AMD powered computer to add to that. My system sits under my window and with the power supply belting out heat under my desk I thought it would be a good idea to create a heat pipe to extract the exaust from my system and toss it out the window.

    So in 3D I built my case and window and located them as per measurement to the room's corner. Then taking the parts I flattened them into their repective parts and created the sections I need.

    I then went to the surplus store to grab a case fan which will be wired to my system to pull the air through the 'exaust pipe' to the upper box and vent it outside. My room will at least be cooler than the 25-28*C that it is on average.

    Pic viewing setup from above and behind.

    YAY PAPERMODELING!!! ... now if I could make beer drinking into something practical. :-D
  2. shrike

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    25-28 and you're complaining?
    I only turn the airconditioning down to 29 during the day

    It's cooled down to only 41 outside vs the 46 it was yesterday

    (Arizona kinda skews your temperature perception. When you can barbecue Christmas dinner AND you''re inthe Northern Hemisphere<G>)
  3. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

    Wow I like that idea!
    Here where I live it gets to 110F-120F degrees in the summer and my PC frequently melts (figure of speech), we run a swamp cooler for relief.
    That idea will even work to exhaust the debris from my engraving...Thanks!
  4. hpept

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    hi steve0
    you took into account only for a quote of the heating power of your ppliance: doing so you're taking away the convective flow coming outr from the fan, but remember that it's not the only heat source. You must consider also the radiative heat (kind of heat you can feel by touching the metallic surfaces of the pc). So you may not end up with the wanted result, or maybe not entirely.

    Just to make an example, i use a laptop pc which uses to cook my right hand since the fan is located on the right side, exactly where my mouse piloting hand is. I could take this out by conveying the hot air away from my hand, but i can do nothing for example, about the heat of the main unit which passes througg the tabletop and actually warms my knees (radiative heat+ conductive heat), Hope this makes sense :cry:
  5. silverw

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    Hi Steve

    We are predicticted to have31+ here all next week, so, I wish I could agree with you. However, when you blow air OUT of your house... an equal amount is going to come back IN...somewhere ... and if the temp outside is warmer than inside, ... I think it is going to get worse. (Also, you are now running ANOTHER fan and making your power supply work even harder, thereby producing more heat!)
    You might get better results by hanging a wet towel in the flow of air coming from your PC. Evaporating the water REQUIRES heat. The downside here is that now the air contains more moisture, and moist air FEELS warmer than dry air!

    Maybe just have a beer and feel cooler, anyway!! LOL

    ... Bill
  6. Willja67

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    Why don't we all just do our part to speed up global warming and hope it does like it did in the movie "The Day After Tommorrow":twisted: . I personally prefer cold and am comfortable in just a t-shirt and jeans down to 35F(that probably about 2C).

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