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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by famgr, May 30, 2009.

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    What a shame that these models are incomplete. The truck is missing four tyre faces, at least, but that can be remedied. The others have even more parts missing. Perhaps someone knows where the other bits are. I can't translate the pages - the characters won't even display properly.
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    There are no "missing" parts. This models are printed in the 60/70´s in the rusian magazine Young Technician, and in this time, it was very normal to make the parts by yourself....equal to some polish models from Maly Modelarz. You have either a construction drawing, or one example, and then go on. Paper modelling at its roots, no ready to cut and glue prints, without much thinking
  4. I took the liberty of translating the page into English with google. If anyone wants it who doesn't have that capability let me know I will send it.
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    I can see how to do that with the truck - it just needs extra wheel parts printing, and the first plane needs some parts duplicating and, in some cases, mirroring, but the second plane seems to consist of a few formers and spars, with no fuselage skin or wing upper surface. I call that a bit too incomplete.

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