Paper Model Destruction via Kids, Pets, Self Made...

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  1. MilanX3

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    Good Day all,

    I wished to know your stories on how your paper tanks or other models have met their fate, any story of how your model was crushed, cut, ripped, soaked burned, eaten or otherwise are welcome. Pictures of before and after, or just after would be welcome.

    Below is one of the first paper models I had ever made, maybe the absolute first of a Soviet experimental AA tank the ZSU-37-2. I used coloured construction paper and was proud of the first result (see melted red tank!), but after the second result (see pic of good tank!) I realised my first attempt looked like it melted..self made horror. I dont have any pets that get near my models or little that is my best destruction story. See pics attached!


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  2. Zathros

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    My dog has eaten models of mine, and I have had to scoop them off of the lawn and put them into the compost heap. Sad things is that I can make out the parts in that mess.
  3. grifco2000

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    I made several attempts to build a space battle ship yamato before I realised that the parts were prininting at different scales. To 'get rid of' the evidence, my son and I used matchstick cannons to shoot flaming matches at each others ships until the 'fleet ' was nothing but ash.
  4. shika

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    I used to play my paper F-4E Phantom II. And then fell asleep.

    When I woke up, I saw my model crushed from 3D to 2D.

    Luckily the laser paper printer has flexibility and I was able to revive it. :p
  5. Hi-Torque

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    Hello Friends,

    You know, the news is always full of negativity and stories of destruction :)

    Several years ago I was working in Bahrain and made a niffty little version of Shunichi Makino's Millenium Falcon. Well at the time we were all living in a large 5 bedroom villa and we would frequently move in and out as our flight schedules and aircraft movements dictated. I left the little Falcon without a backward glance. Some 6 months later, I was in a well known (amongst the freighter people anyway) crew hotel that has a HUGH collection of models. And low and behold, there sat my little Falcon! One of my colleagues had hand carried it (via Shanghai no less!) much to everyone's enjoyment.

    Another time I spent several months in Kuwait. That's when I built this diorama:
    So, shortly before it was time to pack up for good, I gave it to the Maids children who had such a good time playing with it. The last I saw it it was out in the courtyard half buried in sand.

    Kind Regards,

  6. MilanX3

    MilanX3 Member what I've learned so far:

    -Zath makes models so small and so detailed that it can partially survive going through a dogs digestive system...and sturdy enough to look so tasty!

    -Matchstick cannons sound like a great idea...usually I burn my modelling mistakes with a lighter...but Grif's method sounds like alot more fun.

    -Shika makes the best plane models, and when one gets taken by a SAM or a sleeper, he makes another best plane model!

    -Cris goes around the world making amazing models and gifting them to all sorts, covering for Santa in places where there are no Santa's, likely because Cris wasnt the one fixing his engine! What are the odds of running into one of your models? How many are out there that were left after you moved?

    Cheers all, great stories!

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