paper german soldiers

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  1. paper warrior

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    If anyone has or knows where to get some cardmodel WWII paper soldiers please post it here.I do not care about scale because I can re-size them.
  2. paper warrior

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    or anything i can re-color
  3. yaniv

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    i know that thar it 1 of compeny by the name "3D MODELS" i not found a link of tham but the scale is big (1/32 ),

    also thay have a US army man
  4. GT5500

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    Try spishop for 3D paper model :wink:
  5. paper warrior

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    Can anyone make this 3d?

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  6. Stev0

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  7. Winky

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    Not German Soldiers, but paper Napoleonic miniatures. This is roughly 20 mm scale which is a bit smaller than 1/72. They are made from scratch with a combination of origami and paper modelling techniques. The 3D effect is pretty good from most angles. For these particular miniatures, I concentrated more on origami techniques - i.e. the horse is made from one sheet of square paper etc. A better 3D effect can be achieved if more paper modelling techniques are used. The images are Scots Greys (famous for their charge at Waterloo; the actual headgear at Waterloo was wrapped in oilskin instead of what is shown).

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  8. paper warrior

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    Whell I'll be no one but I'll still prove Steve0 wrong.

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