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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Szdfan, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Szdfan

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    At some point, I'd like to build some 1/144 scale models of classic propliners. Is there a free DC-3 available? I've been only able to find the commercial Alan Rose "half model" and the Fiddler's Green C-47.

    I'm not sure about the ethics of repainting and resizing a commercial model.
  2. Psyscape

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    There's a free Douglas DC3 at Bob's Card Models on page two of his aviation section. It's 1/72nd scale so you'll need to resize for your scale.

    Hope that helps
  3. Psyscape already led you to a very good option. The best of a free civilian DC-3 actually

    To summarize:
    I know of at least 15 models of the beloved Gooney Bird:

    - The Alan Rose half model
    - Fiddlers Green (several variants)
    - Geli (1-33, Martinair livery)
    - ModelCard (C-47 "Spooky" - I suppose is 1:33)
    - Wilhelmshavener (1:50 Lufthansa)
    - Maly Modelarz "Li-2" (1966, Polish livery / blue I think the scale is 1:60)
    - Maly Modelarz "Li-2" (1978, Polish livery / red)
    - Fly Model (C-47 Skytrain 1:33)
    - A C-47 published by an Israeli house.
    - A "Li-2" version published by some Russian house.
    - There are two paid versions at One by James Hairstone (bad) and the other by Lad N Dad (good)

    - Bob's Card Models (free - Swiss Airlines livery)
    - "Hobbi" (free - a hand-drawn Dakota)
    - A digitally released version of a military Li-2 (the Russian variant of the DC-3). Comes in 1/33 and 1/48. I think the designers are called "Paper Art" ore something like that. Green with red Russian star.

    Until now, I don't know of more 3's... and you can bet I've searched a lot [​IMG]

    Of them all, I believe the most detailed model is the Fly Model (kit#101). It is a beauty.

    You can But since you will build at 144 and don't need much detail I guess you can safely reduce Bob's free model without problem.

    Commercial models can be repainted and resized as long as it is a personal work you do for yourself, and don't distribute it or "share" it.

    Sometimes designers authorize the repaint and/or free distribution of their commercial kits, as long as they are not used for profit purposes. One example is the Alan Rose DC-3 that is currently being digitalized with his permission, and that will be available for free once it is finished.

  4. Great list, Ruben! I'm saving that for future reference.
  5. Zathros

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    Great Job Ruben! You are quite the source for information!

    Like Psyscape said, Bob'sCard Models, and he has quite a collection of aircraft, an amazing collection, and their all free.

    This site ;

    has an excellent collection of almost every kind of plane. They are commercial quality, they are free. They have a Fokker F-27, that, again is commercial quality. Their Tiger Moth is outstanding! A sample of what they have below. The Dornier Do24 is another favorite of mine. A sample page of parts, for the Do24K is below. :)


  6. Szdfan

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    Many thanks for the lists and advice!
  7. kevo

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    I don't if this is will help. you may have to re-scale.
    pirate model site

    KEVO, BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU POST LINKS HERE if you don't know, don't post, but make sure they are not pirate sites. If in doubt, send me a P.M. asking.
  8. Szdfan

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    So I went ahead and purchased the Fiddler's Green DC-3. This may be the next project once I get my current build done.

    Does anybody know what scale the Fiddler's Green model is?
  9. murphyaa

    murphyaa Designer

    I think it's at the WASM (Worlds Smallest Air Museum) scale, which I believe is 1:60. Don't quote me on it though.
  10. Zathros

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    Hi Aaron! :)
  11. kevo

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    sorry about that Zathros. will do in future. was just trying to help. wnot do it again.
  12. Zathros

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    Just be careful, and forget about it. Y our not the first and won;t be the last! Don't sweat it. I come off a little hard. When the right answer comes back, then, as in your case, I realize t was just an honest mistake. :)

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