Paper Craft Magazine No.5 is published online now

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by sulstzx, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. sulstzx

    sulstzx New Member

    Hi, Everybody:
    Paper Craft Magazine No.5 is published online now.
    This issue is wonderful, The main contents are:
    Beautiful "Ban's House"-Chengdu Hulin Elementary School-Chengdu.China,2008
    Japanese Paper Architecture Designer- Shigeru Ban
    Korean Hanji Cultural Festival in France
    Paper sculpture advertising and fashion photography by Alexandra Zaharova & Ilya Plotnikov from Russia
    A4 Papercut by Peter Callesen from Denmark
    Unique sculptures made purely from paper
    The Creative diversity of paper sculpture by Wang Yun,a Chinese paper sculptor
    Beautiful and attractive paper flowers
    U.S.paper products and packaging design company Duffy & Partners
    Paper deco & package design by a young university student Changzhi Lee from Singapore
    Korean "Hanji"wear fashion show hits stage
    Korean Hanji sculpture works display
    Hanji and paper craft works from Korean's daily life
    and more……
    Oscar from China
  2. Charlewood

    Charlewood New Member

    The link seems to be broken, can you confirm that this publication still available?

  3. Ron Caudillo

    Ron Caudillo Creative Advisory Consultant Moderator

    Worked for me just now. Maybe it needed a break?

    Hey Oscar, in an earlier issue, there was an article that showed how to make a shrimp out of a plastic bendy straw. That was great! I made one (well several) and they are liked by everyone. I made my first ones at a doctor's office waiting room and gave them to the kids there to play with.

    I saw that there were other animals (like dinosaurs) that could be made but I can not find any instructions for these. Have you seen anything that can help me?

  4. Charlewood

    Charlewood New Member

    Hey Ron,

    Thanks for the heads-up, yup I guess they needed a break.

    Great Magazine, thanks again Oscar
  5. bilge

    bilge New Member

    thanks oscar
  6. SJPONeill

    SJPONeill New Member

    Thanks for the heads-up too...

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