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Discussion in 'Everything else' started by Mark_1984, Mar 17, 2007.

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    It does work. You have to be perfect with the cutting and the folds. It doesn't keep constant time, but it is a fun build.
  3. obiyan

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    if you want to built one, try this:

    look the link's page, there are many site with other drawings (for free !!!)
    its not in paper (its in wood) but, this is very great !

    is my english are good ?

    Your English is fine.;)
    I changed the link to the sites Homepage.
    From there, you can find the downloads section in the site menu.
    Just standard link procedure.
    Oh, and Thanks for the great link!:thumb:
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    There was a thread about a paper clock (not sure if it was this one) here somewhere... I think the gist of it was if you are looking for a timepiece, this is not the one. If you are looking for a fun, different build, then have at it! Also, there appeared on eBay (US) a clock kit from Wrebbit. If it is like their other kits, the parts would be pre-punched, so perhaps more accuracy?

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    Brilliant site!

    Thanks for the link obiyan, that is one amazing & informative site.

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    Would this be the kit ? Shame the seller doesn't ship to the UK :(
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    i made that wrabbit clock it was hard to get it to work
    i final did ... but then we moved :( (well we all know how that go's with model it didn't work more :( but i can say i build a clock ......
  9. Renaud

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    paper clock

    About paper clock, (I have it, but never built it) I remember having read somewhere you'll have trouble with it if you don't care about alignment of all gears, that is to say that their axes must remain horizontal (and gears vertical). Perhaps you could strenghten some parts to make sure the whole frame doesn't warp or distort. Otherwise, misalignments, as the gears bend forward or backward, produce friction more and more until the clock doesn't keep time at all.
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    You could laminate them onto another sheet of cardstock and use dowels and plastic tube for keeping the axes alligned.
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    My wife bought this book for me for Christmas this past year. I haven't started it yet, but according to many who have built it, you should purchase more than one copy, and precision is critical. If I get around to it soon, I will definately post any pics I may take! She also gave me the Wrebbit enchanted carousel...I am slowly working on it, and when I have a few more pics, will post these as well.
  12. Flash007

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    G-day bulldogowner

    I have also recived the Wrebbit Enchanted Carousel but I did not get the instruction booklet with this kit, I have searched the web with not luck, would it be possible for you to scan and send me a copy of the instrutions to my e-mail address.


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