Painting Lasercut Details

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    Morning, Folks!

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to paint lasercut paper details like railings and such? You obviously can't flood them with paint without risking deformation of the parts. I was thinking of possibly dabbing on a white undercoat with a fine sponge and then building up any colour the same way, but that risks uneven coverage. Maybe I should just airbrush them? It should then be possible to at least get close to a colour that matches the original printed parts without damaging the delicate pieces.

    Any ideas?

    Mike :wave:

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    for paper rails i tried varnish which works quite well depeding on the type(i used humborol matt), rails dry very hard and resist deformation when painted superglue works well as a hardener but the fumes wont do you any favors ive used these on tiny thin paper parts which ive then painted superglue works best but would be expensive if you were building rails for something like the size of a battleship

    another method i tried is to simply color them in with a solvent marker it has a slight hardening effect as dosnt actully add anything to the part but color

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