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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Wildcatfootball, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. I've tried my hand at this kinda thing before, and it turned out HORRIBLE! What I'm talking about is painting cars and engines... I was wondering if anyone in the near future would be able to paint some cars and an engine up for me? What would be done is Talgo cars turned into Amtrak Cascade consist, and 5 Walthers Superliner II cars being painted into Amtrak Surfliner cars. The engine would be 2 Athearn AMD103's painted into Amtraks V scheme. Would anybody be up to it as soon as I get the cars and engines?
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    Aw, don't give up that easily.

    Painting rolling stock and locos isn't the easiest thing to do, but it's not as hard as painting the Sistine Chapel either. All it takes is a bit more practice-- Take some scrap styrene, practice laying down an even coat of paint with an airbrush, maybe practice your skills at cutting masking tape with an x-acto blade and applying it to the scrap styrene and then airbrush it to see how it turns out.

    Use the Force, Luke.. :D
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    i 'll take the job if know one wants it ,but first i need to know if want me to just use spray cans
    or do you want me to air brush it ? , i dont have one at this time but i've been painting with spray cans useing weaver models scale coat 2 paint and testors ,i've been painting my own trains with spray cans and they came out just great , heres what i've painted so far of my own trains southern pacific roatory snow and the b unit to go with and southern pacific snow flanger both are custom built by me and i 'm almost finished with my southern pacific sp u50b , i will charge only $10 per car $10 per loco and $5 for decals and details $1per pack that's if you want them , i'm talking about mu cables and grab irons lenses , it would help if you provided some pictures too . thats cheap because i 've heard some people chargeing high prices , like i said i wil only charge for the locos and cars and detail parts nothing extra , when will you have and when do you need them back , that s all i want to know . let me know asap
    matt fisher
  4. Sent you a PM matt
  5. I will try again Tom, I don't give up this easy, but I wanted quality, and I knew I couldn't make what my mind imagines.:cry:
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  7. Wow, I didn't even know Walthers had a P42 in there arsonal. Thanks a lot Tom.
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    Now if only someone would put out a model of the P32AC-DM version of the AMD103 Gennie... I want one in New Haven colors! hamr

  9. green_elite_cab

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    You can go to walmart and buy $20 Airbrush set from Testors. Don't let it's cheapness fool you, its a effective and durable airbrush. I have one and it works fine. Except for details, i've been able to entirely leave out any brush painting, which is a beautiful thing.

    I wouldn't give up and hire someone just yet. buy an airbrush, get the appropriate paints and thinners, and get some masking tap. Airbrush also beat spray cans in quality and finish.

    I can't even begin to tell you how much an airbrush is worth it. You don't need any big compressors either. you can by cans of propellant.
  10. i agree i bought a testors from wally world it came with the compresor and air brush ive done 6 locos with it they came out stunning. i must continue to build up my paints:oops:
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    I've always wondered this and never seem to ask.

    What's the pro's/Cons of using an airbrush over cans??? Itsn't it the same thing?
  12. LongIslandTom

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    A good airbrush allows you to do several things spray cans cannot:

    - Lets you mix paints to a desired shade before you spray.

    - A good airbrush also allows for finer atomization so you can lay down a thinner coat.

    - Control of spray pattern. You won't be able to fine-spray weathering effects very well with a spray can.

    There are more, but those are right off the top of my head.

    Also, I'm not sure if acrylics come in spray cans, but if they don't, that's another advantage an airbrush has.

    Hope this helps!
  13. Ok, now that we've got down what tools need to be had, I wouldn't know where to start on colors? How to make UP Yellow, or BNSF Red, or anything like that. Any tricks?
  14. LongIslandTom

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    Testors offers a large selection of railroad colors in two lines of paint: Floquil (solvent-based) and PollyScale (water-based acrylic). Look for those at your LHS or you can buy those on-line. The colors have already been formulated for popular shades such as UP Armour Yellow, SP Dark Lark Grey, BN Cascade Green, Conrail Blue, etc.

    There are other brands of railroad-shade paints such as Accupaint, Scalecoat, etc., but they can be harder to find.
  15. green_elite_cab

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    The biggest problem is the lack of control over the paint. Spray cans just shoot out paint with no control except for on and off.

    An airbrush gives you finer control of paint color, how thin a coat is supplied, and even how much of an area of paint you coat. for example, i can spary a focuses 3/4 wide line of paint, or spray over a wide area, depending on the amount of paint i want to expend.

    Airbrushes are superior in everyway. you can get a $20 airbrush and propelant can ( the compressort from testors is $100 i thought... so the can might be a cheaper alternative) and be airbrushing in no time. just make sure you have all the cleaning stuff ready.
  16. jflessne

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    Can I get everything I need at
    ? I actually hate going there but if they have a good deal on a low cost airbrush....

    I actually don't have a lot of painting to do. Mostly Railings and some touch up work.

    I'd like to try some weathering but I always seem to do pretty good with chalks.
  17. green_elite_cab

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    walmart has crap for a modeling section if you do trains. Personally, i think walmarts are full of scary people. i haven't been to one that doesn't freak me out in some way. chances are you'd only need a set of fine pointed paint brushed for touching things up, but an airbrush will be extremely useful later on when you build structures. what would take hours of painting by hand would only take a few short moments, and you wouldn't have all the brush strokes in the model. it all depends.
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    air brush

    IF you're looking for a cheap airbrush check outsign1 Habor Frieght
  19. trainman4

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    Make that harbor frieght sorry:oops:
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    . Forgot all about them. They sell some low cost light use modeling tools. I think I bought a set of small files for $2.

    Sorry I derailed the topic.

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