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Discussion in 'Scratchin' & Bashin'' started by rdlshadow, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. rdlshadow

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    I know this subject has been touch upon. I am in the process of stripping paint from several engine I picked up at a swap meet for dirt cheap In attempting to strip the paint I have used brake fluid and two of them the paint is a thing of the past nice and clean. working on the 3rd one The paint is not wanting to come off. Has been soaking for over 24 hours now. Any one have any other opition of paint stripper that will not damage the plastic.

    Second part of question I am doing mainly L&N layout since I live in TN What is the actual paint color for the Hummingbird. Some pictures I have found appear black some black/blue. Any ideas will be gladly accepted
  2. eightyeightfan1

    eightyeightfan1 Now I'm AMP'd

    Are you using the brake fluid that you used for the first two. Maybe a fresh can of brake fluid might be needed. When stripping with brake fluid, I always changed the fluid. Just so it would be fresh.
  3. rdlshadow

    rdlshadow New Member

    Yes it still is the same batch of brake fliud. But it was a brand new bottle. I did figure over time I will need to use fresh fluid. The container I am using was big enough to fit two shells at the same time. The one I am having problems with was put in with the first one. I noticed paint with in 15 minutes from the frist one started coming off. The one that paint is holding on. I can brush it and tell the paint is being affected by the fluid I would have figured with in 24 hours it should be gone or mostly gone by now. since the first one was completed I replaced it with a third. whic in an hour or so of letting it soak and brushing from time to time with paint brush it is totally clean of paint now.
  4. Fred_M

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    If you do use fresh fluid make sure and dispose of the old fluid correctly by taking it to an autoparts store. It's very harmful to the enviroment. Brake fluid is like the hammer method, so if it fails the only other thing I know of is one of them model strippers sold by floquil or others. Most "paint stripper" will bubble plastic big time. I use Pinesol first for enviromental reasons. It usually works overnite. FRED
  5. ddavidv

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    Not sure if it's been mentioned before or how it compares (hey, brake fluid...never thought of that) but I used Easy Off oven cleaner on model car kits back when I was into those. Works pretty well, apply, wait, then scrub off in warm water with some soap and light steel wool.
  6. rdlshadow

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    Actually look like time is the factor. Last night I did some scrubing with an old tooth brush. This morning I can clearly tell that paint is starting to disolve and come off. I also put another shell in last night and its almost copletely clean already.

    So my thought is it just had some heavy duty paint or maybe some clear coat that it had to get thru first.

    Might be ready for paint on 3 of them by tonight at least. I think I will give the pinesol a try got one more to go for now.
  7. Blake

    Blake Member

    Next time try Scalecoat II Wash Away. The stuff is like brake fluid only it lasts much longer and smells much less. It's great stuff.

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