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  1. hello, can someone tell me if it is necessary to add a Gloss coat to a model after painting it with Floquil engine black in order to get decals to adhere? i just sprayed two locomotives with the floquil can spray(engine/black) and its not shinny. i was pretty sure that the locomotive surface needed to be a glossy finish in order to get decals to stick good. anyone have any advice? thanks!;)
  2. rksstl

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    I've done it before with no problems. Just make sure that you let the paint dry completly before decaling. After the decals set up then I'll spray dull coat.
  3. Tyson Rayles

    Tyson Rayles Active Member

    The decal will stick fine, however if it's not shiney and there are any clear parts to your decal, those parts will look like a mirror. It will get even worse when you dulcote the area. I would suggest putting on a couple of gloss coats. Next time I would spray the engines with any GLOSS black spray paint. Unlike other colors which have many shades, black is black, it doesn't have to say "engine black" on the can.
  4. NYC-BKO

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    I use regular household spray enamel flat black and satin black and have had no problems with decals adhering. I use Walthers solvaset to make them adhere good. I have an engine a year old without any dullcote on it and the decals are still OK!! -:thumb:
  5. Glen Haasdyk

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    I just recently painted 2 geeps for my CN layout. I painted them with model master green paint and then glosscoted them before decaling. After decaling I sealed them with testors dulcote. I'm not sure if the glosscote had any benifeit for the decals but I did it anyway as a precaution, since the decals were about 15$ for the two engines. I also used solvaset to get the decals to conform around dificult places like handrail stantions and number boards.
  6. Woodie

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    As suggested, either gloss or dull coat is fine. The greatest impact on the decal adherence and look is to ensure the paint has dired, and is clean. Also make sure you apply the decal and amke sure there are not even the slightest air bubble underneath it. Also use a decal set (solvaset etc) on them as well. This "softens" the decal and allows you to make sure it's moulded close and tight around any "rivets" or whatever on you locos. Finish off with, as suggested, a coat of dullcoat. I find a dullcoat finish to be much more realistic than a gloss coat. especially if you take any photos of your layout and rollingstock.

    Good luck. :wave: TOOT!! :D
  7. Gary Pfeil

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    Like Tyson said, the glosscoat isn't recommended for adherence, but to hide the decal film. And in my experience its well worth the extra step. After applying the decals wash the shell with soap and water, allow to dry and apply final finish of your choice. I had always used dullcote, but now use Microscales satin finish, but you need an airbrush.
  8. engineshop

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    I spray 2, 3 layers of gloss, which helps avoiding the "silvering" of the decals. Matt paint is to rough and can trap air underneath the decal which always will show.
    I had great succes with this method.


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