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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by SuperSport, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. SuperSport

    SuperSport Member

    Hey Greg,
    I was surfing and found this interesting website
    of WP F units... are you "the" Greg Elems, credited photographer?
    cool photos!

    My next purchase is an AM FP7!!
  2. Greg Elems

    Greg Elems Member

    Thanks Joe. I am the Greg Elems those are credited too. Have you looked at the SHS F-7's? :thumb: :thumb: The AM FP-7 is what got me into S. It is a nice engine and ran great last time I ran it. The SHS F units are as nice as an Athearn Genesis unit IMHO and DCC ready. I have a pair of SHS undec F-7's that will become WP 921 and WP 917 in their last paint scheme of green and orange stripes. Not as flashy as the silver and orange, but that is the paint scheme they wore when I hired out on the WP.

    Do you have any other S scale trains Joe?

  3. SuperSport

    SuperSport Member

    hey Greg, how are you?
    Very interesting reading that site, WP 921 still exists?
    I enjoyed reading the restoration of WP 918. I have a AM GP9
    that I will chop the nose on and detail for CN, a AM FA2 which will
    become a detailed VIA FPA4 plus the AM smooth sided passenger cars (all in the blue and yellow scheme), and a SHS SW9 which will become a CN SW1200RS. I am aslo working on a CN SW1200RM which is a rebuilt SW1200RS that CN rebuilt from GP9 units, they used a GP9 carbody instead of the SW carbody. I am using the SHS Cab with AM GP9 body and I'll scratch build the frame. The ony problem is these units (Canadian National SW1200's used the flexicoil trucks). Are AM B units (non powered)available? The only problem I have in S scale is the closest dealer to me is about 1 hour drive from me, so I order direct from the U.S. either from American Models or SHS or Senery Unlimited for Shinohara code 100 turn outs and flex track. My want list for diesel locomotives is growing....

  4. Greg Elems

    Greg Elems Member

    Hey Joe, missed your answer. First, your question about the WP 921, it survives. Its home for the last 20 years is in Portola California at the Feather River Rail Societies museum. It still runs, poorly though. We at the FRRS have traded some equipment to the Bay Area Railroad museum and will get their WP 917 and SN 712. So, the FRRS will have three WP f units four of WP's GP7's. The 917 has run very little and we will place it in the Rent a Locomotive program and take the 918 out to get an overhaul and new correct paint. At some point in time, we would like to have all three blue carded for mainline action.

    As for AM's b unit being a dummy, I can't answer that. I suspect AM would be happy to accommodate you and make one up. Your switcher project sounds interesting. Off hand, I don't remember is the wheel base for the flexicoil is the same as the geep truck or not. A friend of mine is working on an S scale SW1500 kit to be sold. I'm hoping he includes the flex coil truck. Several switchers had them and CN's true life kit bash adds to the locomotives that need them.

    So, what are your locomotive wishes in S? Mine are a GP40 and U23B although an SD40 would be cool too.

  5. Greg Elems

    Greg Elems Member

    Here is a shot of 921.


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  6. SuperSport

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    Hi Greg,
    gotta love those F units. I enjoy reading the restoration
    on there site re: F units, very interesting. I will be very interested in the Flexicoil trucks if they become available, I have done this kitbash (CN's SW1200RM GP9~SW1200) in HO scale before but I had a alot of Canadian detail parts (eyebrow number boards, spark arrestors etc from Canadian detail parts suppliers) but i'm sure I'll be able to duplicate it in S scale also.
    My wish list... GP38-2W GP40/SD40 or a Comfort Cab kit like in HO scale to make into a CN wide cab would be nice.



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