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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by 72BMWR75/5, Sep 10, 2006.

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    Well, I am going to place a link in here for downloads where I have been searching for a couple of years now. Odds are then that you have all probably seen this before. I really like this one cause it has sooooo many models all in one location:grin: . There are 118 web pages right now with 10 models on each page. That's 1180 models right there and quite often each one of these links contains multiple models on it. Better look at this on a weekend with a case of beer nearby if you are going to try to see it all at one time. Its a Japanese link, and I don't know Japanese. Actually, halfway through that case of beer and the English looks about the same anyway:twisted: .©Ò¦³Ãþ§O&page=1
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    Thanks alot!
    This site allmost have averything you can duwnload FOR FREE
    Jan (The Freebie)
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    Yeah phil you did but you have to post at least 5 suck up posts to make up for the other one heh heh :p
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    on my way there

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    I agree on with this "Harsh Thing" and this is why I just read now and dont post, except this time because I sympathize with you.... best regards.... Muhammad
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    1. I am bad. I should be punished. Please forgive me.
    2. I am not worthy, but let me play anyway.
    3. What has gotten into my crazy head? How do I reconcile?
    4. Ohhh the purgatory! So lonely!
    5. I will be good, I promise!

    There's your five more suck-ups. Can I be forgiven?
    Or perhaps you want to knock me around some more?
    I figure I can be spun around about five more times before I puke.
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    I think its pretty clear now that your initial post was not intended to be harsh even though it may have looked that way. Don't worry about it anymore. I for one know thats its near impossible to always convey the exact message (emotion/intent etc) of every post. I have have never seen anyone be intentionally mean to anyone else on this forum (and thats rare for a forum) I do however think i will take it upon myself to make a link page that will make it easier to find links to free model pages and can be updated by anyone here as needed.

    In a nutshell lets drop the negative talk and find a way to resolve the repeat link problem For the record I thank EVERYONE that posts links - repeats or not. It does two things - it shows that they want to be active members and often even if its a repeat it will have new stuff on it....

    Any suggestions on a site link management? I am considering

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