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  1. barney121e

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    Done a search for details on the pacific north west railway, but can anyone else suggest any sites with details about it.

    Many thanks as always.

  2. Jim Krause

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    Dave: Which Pacific NW railroad are you speaking of? Is there one in Scotland?
  3. barney121e

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    I am thinking of Oregon and Portland area of the US.
  4. Jim Krause

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    Dave: If you are interested in mainline railroads in the Northwestern US, the Northern Pacific was the first major railroad in this area, followed by the Union Pacific in Oregon and Washington, the Great Northern along the northern most line through North Dakota, Montana, Idaho and Washington. The last major transcontinental line to reach the northwest was the Milwaukee Road, early in the 20th century.
    The Milwaukee went out of business in the early eighties. The Northern Pacific, Great Northern and Burlington Route merged into the Burlington Northern (BN) in the mid 70's which subsequently merged with the SantaFe to become BNSF. Union Pacific still exists in the Northwest.
    There were other shortlines and logging railroads by the hundreds over the years.
    For NP models, try There is also a Great Northern Historical Society and one for the Milwaukee Road ( Officially the Chicago, Milwaukee, Saint Paul and Pacific Railroad) Also try looking up The Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railroad, it was a joint venture between the NP and GN
    This is a quick and generalized overview of some of the major carriers in the Northwest. Others can fill in details for you. If there is something specific, let us know. Best Regards; Jim Krause
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    Do you live there? I used to live in Seattle and wish I were there. Great area to model after. Meening the Pacific N.W.:thumb:
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    I live in Scotland, in the UK. I visited the area years ago. What sort of rolling stock should i be looking for, seems Amtrak and BNSF run there, but not too sure.
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    I grew up in Portland, Oregon and now live in Nebraska but am working in Somerset, MA.

    Rains too much in Portland so I moved.

    I can remember back when the SP&S and UP ran steam there along with the SP.
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  9. roch

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    Cool website. :thumb:

    I now live in Denver and I can't believe it snowed again last night. :eek:

    Despite the rain I did love living in the Pacific N.W.
  10. hickstmj

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    Very interesting site Fred. Thank you for sharing.
  11. I live smack in the middle between Seattle and Portland on the BNSF mainline... Major rolling stock in this area is Centerbeam's and boxcars for wood, lots of intermodal stuff... BNSF runs it's one of its unit grain trains right through here. Even have 11 coal trains a week now through where I live. Garbage trains daily from both BNSF and the UP... Amtrak has it's Empire Builder, Coast Starlight, and Cascades running all the time. And the Pacific Northwest isn't all that bad. It does rain a lot, but those 2 days out of the year it doesn't rain, it sure is beautiful! :mrgreen:
  12. BTW... In the site that Fred found, under active railroads, the Chehalis-Centralia Railroad is my home town railroad!

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