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    I have uncovered an "old" remote power pack called "PACEMATIC (PMT-1) made by a firm that may be long gone- TRAINPOWER, INc. The devise is a rectangular hand held throttle w/ three miniature switches labelled MOM-DIR (up, down with directional arrows), another one with arrows in both horizontal directions and the last with u/down arrows and the letters SRV (up) and DSV (down). Anybody familiar with this PS. Has four leads in a,black,. green and white.
    Franklyn Elliott ( or 516-796-4240
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    Trainpower I remember, Pacematic I don't. The lack of response would indicate that no one else here is familiar with the product. Have you tried a search for trainpower, to see if they are still in business?
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    I have been unpacking 40 cartons of train equipment stored away 25 years ago. Voila! Lo and Behold a five page set of instructions about this remote controlled hand held devise----I have two of them. I will consult my son-in-law--an electrical engineer on some of the tech stuff ....thanks for your reply. Franklyn Elliott
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    I believe the Pacematic was manufactured by the late Peter J. Thorne, author of Practical Electronic Projects for Model Railroaders (Kalmbach, 1974).
    I thought it was described in the book, but it's only pictured.
    I have a couple of them.
    The switches are direction, momentum/normal and brake. Set for momentum, there is a delay on acceleration and the brake switch works. The brake switch is off in the middle, moderate to one side and emergency to the other side.
    Also has a speed knob in the middle?
    I have a problem with mine -- they tend to fall upside down and one has had one of the toggles driven into the switch. I started to dismantle it, but...
    2 amp and 4 amp versions available.
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    We could also move this thread into "Technical Q&A" - that helped with your other electronics query, felliot. Let me know.


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