P61 Black Widow from Fly Model first impression

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  1. GluedFingers

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    1. Model Subject : Northrop P61 Black Widow
    2. Scale: 1/33
    3. Publisher and model number: Fly Model, #13
    4. Designer: T. Grzelczak
    5. Distributor: GPM, antiquariat
    6. This is a preprinted product.


    As the source indicates, this is not a new model. I don't know why but I have a soft spot for models of years gone by. probably because I can link that to my youth.

    Never the less, upon receipt of the kit, I was a bit astounded to receive a plastic bag containing 8 A3 sheets instead of the expected booklet. two and a half A3's contained drawings, work instructions and the cover sheet with overview diagrams on its back and the remainder containing the parts.

    The parts are clearly printed with perhaps the inner cockpit parts being a bit too green and the colour fields not 100% aligned with the parts. I do not see those as serious issues, though.

    The cockpit is well established but details like fire extinguisher and oxygen bottle are printed on and green as the cockpit itself. So not the most luxurious innards to build but for someone who never attempted a plane in cardboard of this scale before, that might be better anyway. :mrgreen:

    Half an A3 contains the work instructions where the general comments take up as much space as the building instructions ut there are plenty of drawings so that may not be such an issue. It will, at least, save loads of time with translating the instructions which are, of course, solely in Polish.

    I like the fact that they did not fill in the windows so glazing will have to be done with acetate sheets and that the kit does supply you with formers to shape the 'glass' with.

    The layout of the parts with section letters should help with identifying what to do when. For the rest it will be simply following the numbers I guess.

    All in all, it is big, black (matt), and just about right for me, with not too many fiddly bits, but the end result should be a very interesting model.

    I have attached two pictures of the kit to give an overall impression of it. The top of the second picture shows also my current ship-project, the 1:400 JCS de Ruyter light cruiser.

    Anyway, wish me luck when I tackle this black monster. If it doesn't go too badly, I might even drop in a few pictures of the build. :mrgreen:

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  2. knife

    knife Member

    Do provide some build pictures. I have this in my build pile, should get to it around Sept 2028. I went ahead a bought the vac-u-form canopy for my model.
  3. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    Yes, please do post build pics! :mrgreen:
  4. GluedFingers

    GluedFingers New Member

    Well, you asked for it.

    Thanks for the trust shown in my capabilities, guys. :mrgreen:

    I wish I could feel the same. Never the less I will do as asked and will send a few pics at different stages. But I'm not the fastest or experienced builder and the first section already has me stumped, so it may be a few more days while I think it all through and try to obtain the best result.

    Anyone else hate it too when they start the build of a model with the most annoying part? On the other hand, once I do have it sorted out, the rest should be easy, right?

    Nice to know that they did a vacuform cockpit, btw, and I am thinking of getting one. How does it look, knife? Any chance of a piccie to help me make up my mind?
  5. Falsemuzzle

    Falsemuzzle New Member

    yes, i'd like to see the build myself...and i think the lovely green inside would probably look alright. :)
    (nice ship btw)
  6. seastallion

    seastallion New Member

    p-61 canopy

    where do you find the vacuform canopy for this kit,especially the rear gunners bubble?:mrgreen:
  7. knife

    knife Member

    I got mine several years ago, so not sure exactly where. I think I sent away to Poland for them. I got several different types at the same time to cut down on the per piece mail cost. You might try the Fly Model web site for a link.

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