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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Nothing, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. Nothing

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    I am about half way through my first p-model kit(f-106),and am pretty impressed with it. i was wondering if anyone knew where p-model kits are now sold? the internet store i got mine from is no longer around.
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    There is an English link at the top of the page that takes you to Scale Paper International. Assuming this isn't the company that is no longer around, you can buy Pmodels there.

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  4. cmdrted

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    These kits are great. They have reworked a few to include cockpits and with a little editing can be made into 1/33 scale etc. I've built up thier f5e series then grafted the F5 cockpit into the F20 and enlarged the thing to 1/33. The details hold up well to enlarging.

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  5. Nothing

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    wow great work cmdrted! i have a few but just got around to the f106. they llok great and build very nicly. the only problem i have found is the bright green used for the gear bays and some of the ordanence. that and i wish they had a vietnam f4.

    thanks for the response everyone!!:)
  6. rmks2000

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    cmdrted - do you use joining strips? I have the A4c and it has tabs.
  7. Nothing

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    they all have tabs you would have to make your own joining tabs.
  8. rmks2000

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    Thanks. I was just wondering if that is what cmdrted did since his builds are so well done.
  9. cmdrted

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    Quite a few of the kits have separate connector strips. For the ones that don't I use some cheap school grade construction paper in a close color and make strips from that. This has always been a big issue with me and some of the kit designers. I need those connecting strips for alot of fuselage parts, particulary the flowing forms of jets, I wish they would just include them. These PModels are one of my favourites, Apparently some of the kits are being updated to include the cockpits. They all have wheel wells and reasonably detailed ordnance. Some of the colors are iffy, as pointed out the greens. I used to unlock the kits by using a screen capture and converting them in a simple bitmap editing program. I have one of the paintshop pros that opens them, after inputtting thepassword and you can edit them to your hearts content. You can Kitbash some cockpits from closely shaped ones from other aircraft. Also I've collected just about all the various bombs missiles etc and saved them on bitmap sheets. You just go through your kits and pick out the piece that satisfies your level of detail. It also tends to keep continuity from one kit to another. anyways enough ear chewing, try a few of these cool kits you will be pleasantly surprised!
  10. Darwin

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    I can attest to how well the P-model kits enlarge. I blew the F-104 up to about 1:24 scale and it still went together without a single problem.
  11. rmks2000

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    Thanks for the info guys. I've got a few of these kits in my pile but haven't started any. I continually re-prioritze my pile of kits and the Pmodels keep popping up. I've been away from modeling for quite some time due to personal issues and just starting to get back to it. In fact, the only modeling I've done was a scratchbuild of the old Centuri rocket (ESS Raven) for my brother. He's a scoutmaster and has the kids build and launch rockets as part of their activities. I'm currently building the Digital Navy P-26 Peashooter and then got to get back to the Corsair that Chris repainted.
  12. Stev0

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    The PDFs are locked for a reason.
  13. Nothing

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    theres nothing wrong with editing the models for presonal usage. the results of their editing is not distributed free or otherwise. the reason for the passwords on pmodel is so they can be opened after purchase. you can go right now and download all the models from their site.you just cant open them till you purchase the password.

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